Zeynab El-helw

The luxury fashionista who’s jumping on board new platforms
Monday , 03 April 2017
Zeynab El-helw
Zeynab El-helw
  • My biggest achievement of 2016 was being featured in the <New York Times>, which came as an incredible surprise after I’d flown to New York with Hublot and a few months later they wanted to feature me for this brand collaboration. When Hublot took over a hotel in Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I thought it was brilliant social media campaign. It’s the first brand I know of to have a regional social media profile, with original images, using Arabic.  
  • I was also working with MBC on a fantastic feature that involved showcasing the development of my e-commerce platform, fashionpirate.co.uk, as an influencer. I was really proud to hold an interview about fashion with CNN presenter Reem Acra on the show Inside the Middle East.

  • I had this nerve-wracking experience at a Lynx presentation where I sat on stage discussing our online-marketing strategies with the very people in charge of the luxury brands in Richemont Group. It was strange for me to be in that hot-seat, when I used to be in charge of marketing in LVMH Group, yet here I was representing myself as a modern-day influencer and explaining how I transitioned from a corporate role to social media – it was an experience of role reversal. 

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