Zero Gravity Flights Coming to Dubai

Swiss Space Systems to Offer Flights From April
ByNathalie ViranyiTuesday , 19 August 2014
Zero Gravity Flights Coming to Dubai
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Want to experience a zero gravity sensation?

Always wanted to be an astronaut? Well, for a bargain of just under Dhs10,000, you can experience what it feels like to float in space, as you jump on a jet and into zero gravity.

The 90-minute flights offered by Swiss Space Systems (S3) will give you the ultimate chance to experience weightlessness, without all the extensive training you would normally undergo at space agencies.
Scheduled to take off over six days in April 2015, the flights spin around the sky in a number of up and downward mid-air manoeuvrings, with each new loop providing a few seconds of the anticipated gravity loss. Floating around like superhero might sound awesome, but don't forget that these steep flight angles require a very resistant stomach on passenger side!

And because the action-savvy people of Dubai would not expect anything less than a luxurious treatment, the jets are divided into sections, offering a VIP experience for those who can afford it. The Party Zone caters for up to 40 passengers and can be booked for just under Dhs10,000, whereas the Premium Zone at Dhs24,500 offers more room and special zero gravity activities for up to 28 passengers. The VIP Room for the posh passengers offers space for 12 passengers at a minimum cost of Dhs245,000 for the whole zone.

Intrigued? Book now for what promises to be the ride of a lifetime!

INFO: Flights scheduled on 9,10,11 and 16,17,18 April 2015, tickets available at

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