Zeina Abdalla

Tuesday , 02 July 2013

One look at Zeina Abdalla’s business card – she’s the founder and managing director of the photography studio Fishfayce and the co-founder of the party supplies company Moushii – and you know you’re dealing with a creative spirit. Zeina’s apartment reflects just that. “We’ve done everything ourselves, and really enjoyed the decorating process,” she says. “When we moved in, it was really a blank canvas, so it’s been very liberating to start from scratch, although probably a little more time consuming than I would have ever imagined. Once you start, you just can’t stop.”

An exotic rug, which reminds Zeina of her Sudanese-Iranian heritage and was given to her by her mother, is her most sentimental possession, but the most effective is the chandelier that hangs in the dining room. “This is a real statement piece and sets the tone for the whole room. We love entertaining here,” she says.