Zayn Malik's Song 'Pillowtalk' Goes Global

Harry Styles and Perrie Edwards lash out at Zayn as he conquers the global charts
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 04 February 2016
Zayn Malik's Song 'Pillowtalk' Goes Global
Zayn Vs The World
Zayn Malik has done the impossible. A lot of people wrote him off when he quit One Direction, but the edgy one of the pop group has stormed to the top of the chart with his debut single – and some of his former closest friends aren’t happy about it.
Zayn, 23, released Pillowtalk last Friday and within seconds it was trending worldwide on Twitter before shooting to the top of the charts around the world. Currently the seductive electronic RnB track is number one in over 60 countries, including the big markets that really count like the US, UK and Australia. Zayn warned us that he’d be going for a different sound, but even though his single has proven to be a global success, his ex fiancée Perrie Edwards and former band mate Harry Styles are both hating on him and the song.
Perrie’s Not Feeling It
When Zayn ditched Perrie, 22, he’d apparently already written Pillowtalk and the whole song is about her. So when the heartthrob cast new girlfriend Gigi Hadid, 20, as his love interest, Perrie was less than pleased, with a source told “It’s just weird for her watching Zayn with Gigi in the video when the song was really inspired by Perrie‘s relationship with him.” The insider continued: “Of course, she‘s happy for him, but in all honesty, watching the video makes her kind of sad. She would just rather not watch it again and not have people talk about it with her non-stop.”
Harry is such a Hater
We always liked Harry Styles, but his negative attitude towards Zayn’s new song is really disappointing. Rather than congratulate his old mate on a job well done, Harry’s been dissing Malik all over town. “Harry thinks it’s called Pillowtalk because the song puts you to sleep,” an insider revealed. “He really doesn’t think that it’s as good as anything that One Direction has done with or without Zayn.” Harry’s probably just feeling jel since none of 1D’s single has smashed the global pop charts like Pillowtalk has done.
Sweet Revenge
Zayn’s full debut album, Mind of Mine, will be released on 25 March, which is a significant date because it’s the exactly a year since he announced he was leaving One Direction. No doubt the rest of the boys will take this as a smack in the face, but we’re pretty sure when Zayn’s album storms to the top of the charts he won’t care one little bit!

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