Zayan Ghandour

The entrepreneur adding own-name labels to her fashion and lifestyle concept stores
Wednesday , 23 March 2016
Zayan Ghandour
Zayan Ghandour
• I launched the Made by S*uce collection in 2015, which we are planning to grow with more lines and more frequency. Our first collection was called This is Denim, and following its success a second collection is on its way. We will continue to grow our online shop and instashop and we also hope to delight our customers across all our stores. 
• I have such a strong support network at home. There’s my husband, our nanny and my mum, who comes to stay with the kids when I have to go on buying trips. This is what underpins my success in business. I also have a great team at work, with both Zayan the Label and S*uce.
• My mum is so strong and talented, she’s always been there for all five of her kids, despite being a working mother, making sure that each one of us got their fair share of attention, which helped us all to shine. I’ve been inspired to raise my kids in the same way. 
• Theory is never like practice. Hearing that something should work doesn’t mean that it will, and hearing that something won’t work, doesn’t mean that it won’t. So the most important thing is to trust your instinct. Just do your best and let God take care of the rest.
• If it wasn’t for the UAE we would never have been able to do what we have done with S*uce, I’m so grateful for all of that. I love the positive energy and the people in Dubai, the warmth and the constant sunshine. 
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