A-Z Guide to Health and Beauty

11 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, we show you how to get yourself wedding-ready

Getting yourself to not only look like the most beautiful girl in the world, but feel it too, is a tall order indeed. We have compiled a list of our favourite remedies that will not only make you gorgeous inside-out, but also give you a much-needed helping hand in conquering those looming beauty woes. A shiny cap of hair, pore-less skin and a slender healthy body, are a few of the gorgeous gifts that await you at the end of this 26 alphabet-long tunnel!

Apricot Scrub
Stretch marks are some of the most unwanted, unsightly and unwanted disfigurements. What makes them even more hateful is how difficult they are to get rid of. With a continued application of apricot scrub while showering, you will be able to lighten those marks in a natural and painless manner.

Soak a handful of peeled almonds overnight in water, and eat them the first thing in the morning, for fabulous glowing skin and a razor-sharp mind. A great source of natural oil, these nuts will keep you fit as a fiddle and get you looking shiny and brand new.

Bees Wax
A rich source of natural moisture, beeswax is an often used ingredient in products that combat severely chapped and dry skin. It is commonly found in hand creams, moisturisers and chap sticks. Applying it on areas that are prone to dryness like your elbows, knees and lips, will keep you satin smooth and irresistible!


Nothing ruins a wedding portrait more than having those fine lines stand out under a layer of caked foundation! Getting rid of these said lines, without blowing a lot of money on expensive creams and cosmetic surgery, is not as hard as you think! Get some medium ripe bananas, slice them up into average sized pieces and place them all over your face for fifteen minutes. Do it once a week for two months and you will see a drastic change!

Carrots are great for the eyes and the digestive system, yes, but what we find most fascinating about these orange fellas is their ability to strengthen the immune system. Having two glasses of carrot juice a day can increase your immunity by 70%! Nothing can ruin your wedding as much as a bad bout of the flu or worse. Get drinking those carrots ASAP!

Castor Oil
Castor oil is a great cure-all magical substance. What we think it is most effective in is its role as a laxative. Use Castor oil mixed with cranberry or orange juice every morning up to three days, to cure that bad tummy. Additionally, it also helps get rid of acne and unsightly boils, scars, warts and even stretch marks. Dip castor oil in unbleached cotton and wrap around affected area overnight for best results.

Dates are not only delicious, but are also a source of high nutritional value with a healthy dose of calcium, sulfur, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and copper! A one-stop health shop indeed.

Egg Yolks
The only source of food with naturally occurring Vitamin D, the functions and benefits of the egg yolk are expansive. Eggs promote healthy hair and nails because of their high sulphur and B12 content. Also, just beating-up a raw egg yolk and applying it on freshly washed wet hair, will make your locks silkier than ever!


Fat is not always the enemy and can play a crucial part in your weight loss. Items rich in fat are feel-full foods that provide a better sense of satiety than low-fat foods. This reduces your appetite and helps you eat smaller portions. Additionally, fats provide essential materials for vitamin absorption, growth and help regulate vital body functions. Make sure to choose the ‘good fats’ (non-saturated fats). Trans-fats are bad fats and should be eaten in controlled portions.

Grape juice

Concord grape juice has innumerable positives, including reducing heart disease. Drinking Grape juice everyday can reduce oxidative stress and significantly reduce one’s blood pressure. Grape juice is also a fantastic natural cleanser for all skin types. Rub the grape pulp all over a freshly washed face, keep on for fifteen minutes and wash it off. Your skin will start glowing within a matter of days.

Honey is a great natural anti-aging skin-care product. It is a humectant—a product that is able to retain moisture and make the skin more hydrated without making it oily. Additionally, honey is a natural sweetener and is a fantastic replacement for sugar. It has amino acids and minerals that stimulate your metabolism, thereby preventing weight gain!

Our skin is exposed to some very harsh weather conditions—right from the sun, to dust, heat and cold. In order to protect the skin and not get your pores clogged with dust (this eventually leads to acne), wash your face at night and tighten your pores by rubbing ice wrapped in cloth, all over your face and neck. Smaller pores lead to more even, appealing and unblemished skin.

Jojoba Oil
This product has many uses and benefits. This inexpensive odourless oil can be used as a cleanser, a moisturizer, a lip conditioner, a hair serum (especially useful for frizzy hair) and cuticle oil--it is a bargain buy for sure!

Kerastase Shampoos
Hair products manufactured by Keristase are infamous for the magical transformation they can wield. Only certified consultants are permitted to use Keristase products on an individual’s hair. We highly recommend this transformative liquid to enhance your locks’ natural beauty!

La Mer
This miracle cream literally makes your face as soft as a baby’s bottom, and as creaseless with time. We think this tub of gold is worth every dollar you spend on it. Invented by an aerospace physicist who was trying to heal burn scars, he mastered the art of the cream that promises a lifetime of youth!

Malt Vinegar
Malt vinegar is a purported diet aid and substitutes easily for spreads like mayonnaise and fatty salad dressings. It is commonly believed that malt vinegar speeds up the breakdown of fat in the body, thereby promoting weight loss.it also helps get rid of acne and unsightly boils, scars, warts and even stretch marks. Dip castor oil in unbleached cotton and wrap around affected area overnight for best results.

Nonfat Yogurt
Delicious, healthy and light, non-fat yogurt is a great source of calcium and strengthens your bones and teeth. No one wants cavities tarnishing that newly-wed smile!

Orange Peel
Orange peel helps naturally cleanse the face, preventing imperfections like acne. Additionally, soaking orange peel in your bath will lend an incredible glow to your skin. You can also rub orange peel over darkened areas of skin tone to even-out your skin tone and see results within a month!

Potatoes are naturally very starchy root vegetables that have a variety of hidden benefits. Place sliced potatoes on your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes every day. This will reduce your dark circles and diminish the bags under your eyes.

A great protein substitute for vegetarians and vegans, this is a food that can be a delicious staple in your everyday diet. It has all the amino acids and is commonly referred to as nature’s natural remedy. The amino acids in Quinoa help reduce migraines, open up the airways for ailments like childhood asthma and even help control the development of gallstones!

Rose Water
Rose water is a natural skin care remedy. It is an excellent toner and cleanser and even helps lighten maintain the pH balance of the skin. Mix a few drops of rose water with your regular face cream for an extra dose of loving!

Sugar (as an exfoliating scrub)
With hefty expenses to make your day special, buying expensive beauty items like sugar scrubs in high-end stores is not a viable financial option. You can make sugar scrubs of your own at home for a fraction of the price and get the benefits of glowing smooth skin.
Recipe: In a clear plastic jar, put one cup of sugar, some lemon juice, half a cup of extra virgin olive oil and some essential scented oils! Voila!

Turmeric is one of the most effective cures for pigmentation problems. Apply turmeric missed with cucumber juice and lemon on the darkened areas. Leave it on for twenty minutes and repeat this every day. You should see your skin colour returning to normal very soon!

Uncooked Vegetables
Cooking vegetables usually robs them of almost all their mineral and vitamins. Eating raw veggies, especially of the green variety, are very important for our bodies. Extremely rich in natural enzymes, sugars and minerals, uncooked vegetables have almost all of the properties that will make your body function normally.

Nothing dries your skin out as badly as the extreme heat, dust and cold of the harsh desert weather. Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is a natural, intensive and effective natural moisturizer that will help restore and retain the moisture and elasticity of your skin!

Wheat Germ
Considered one of the healthiest foods you could ever consume, Wheat germ is a boon to your body indeed. Blessed with 23 nutrients, it lowers the risk of heart disease, prevents certain cancers and even boosts your immune system. No wonder it has been called one of the top ten healthiest foods to eat by the Mayo Clinic!

Water is truly the elixir of life itself. If you don’t do anything else, make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. When well hydrated, you will experience increased levels of energy, glowing skin and a perfectly functional digestive system—all elements that will make you a fantastically and naturally more beautiful and healthy you!

Xanthareel (yellow eel) is used in medicinal foods
The Xanthareel yellow eel us sued in China in medicinal foods has wonderful healing properties. It also has high protein levels and healthy fats that are beneficial to the body

Xigua (chinese name for watermelon)
The best source for liquid vitamins, the watermelon is packed with antioxidants that help reduce severe asthma, colon cancer and prostate cancer. It is also fat free while promoting energy production!

Applying yeast mixed with a little water on oily and acne affected skin, is highly beneficial. Yeast kills certain bacteria that cause acne and pimples and also helps promote the production of white blood cells. Using it once a week is a sure-fire recipe for clear, unblemished normal skin.

Delicious and sweet, this cucumber-like vegetable is very low in calories as well, ideal for those on a pre-wedding diet. Rich in Vitamin C, Zucchini prevents bruising and scarring. It is also has plentiful amounts of phosphorus and magnesium that promote the building and maintenance of healthy bones.