YSL’s New Fragrance for Women

03 Nov 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Parisienne is ultra feminine with a hint of mystery

A grand floral with a woody structure, luminous even in its mystery, YSL’s Parisienne is the perfume of ultra femininity.

The top note adds the shine of vinyl, an ultra modern wink to gloss, varnish or the metal of a spike heel, before the tartness of cranberry adds a point of bitter sharpness — the evocation of a certain impertinence softened by sparkling, succulent, fruity blackberry, symbol of an epicurean Parisienne.

The floral heart beats wildly with the absolute femininity of the Damas rose, which harmonises perfectly with the powdery violet, sensual and carnal like leather worn by the Parisienne woman Kate Moss. In contrast, the peony gives a breath of Parisienne youth and a hint of morning freshness.

The base note brings tumult and intensity in its woody wake. First with patchouli, the ultimate in mystery. And when the masculinity of vetiver flirts with the feminine eroticism of musk and sandalwood, one knows that this Parisienne knew a "night of love".”

This fragrance flows in a precious flacon, intricately carved like the labyrinth of Parisian streetsand as couture as the YSL label on black leather.

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