Your Horoscope: 1-7 June

Renowned Astrologer Russell Grant reveals what your future holds
Monday , 05 June 2017
Your Horoscope: 1-7 June

21 March-20 April
Don’t get into a war of words on social media. Always remember the Internet is forever. Warning: making an angry, impulsive remark could come back to haunt you. When you decide to post something, make it positive and uplifting. If someone takes offense, offer a sincere apology and delete your comment. This is not a time to stir the pot. You will attract more creative and romantic opportunities.

21 April-21 May
Spending money won’t fill an emotional void. It’s better to practice financial restraint. Unexpected expenses will soon arrive, forcing you to dip into savings. Having this money in reserve will protect you from stress. When you feel overwhelmed, head off to a private retreat. Solitary activities will make you feel better. Take this opportunity to read for pleasure, listen to music, and commune with nature.

22 May-21 June
Trying to force your opinions on others will fail miserably. Although you hate to do so, you will have to compromise to move forward. You may feel like a hypocrite, but it’s better to make some progress than lose everything you’ve accumulated. Joining a professional organisation or social club will make you less dependent on a job for money. And happier!

22 June-23 July
Is a hidden enemy causing problems at work? Beware of discussing personal details with colleagues. Maintaining a strict boundary between your personal and professional lives will keep you out of controversy. The last thing you need is to give a rival ammunition to use against you. An exciting career opportunity will arrive, letting you leave rivals in the dust. Your responsibilities will be significant, but you will enjoy them. Reach for the stars.

24 July-23 August
You’re getting a lot of pressure from your peer group. Friends don’t approve of the way you’ve been spending your time. They might dislike your romantic partner or think you are delving too deeply into a dark subject. Be open to their suggestions; your loved ones really do want the best

24 August-23 September
Pushy people at work are getting on your nerves. You may decide you have had enough of this oppressive situation. Leaving a steady job for a more relaxed schedule will work to your benefit. You’ll be able to operate a successful business from home. Being able to set your own hours and spend more quality time with your family will be a blessing. There is more to life than a guaranteed pay cheque. When you do what you love, money follows.

24 September-23 October
You’re not willing to learn different ways of doing things. The thought of expanding your skill set is exhausting. Turning away from an educational opportunity will be cause for regret, however. It’s better to push yourself to master a software programme, learn how to operate high-tech equipment or speak a new language. Your best friend, romantic partner or business associate will be a valuable ally. Ask them for support when you have information overload.

24 October-22 November
Don’t let a lack of funds keep you from expanding your horizons. A grant or scholarship from a cultural organisation will let you expand your education. Although you won’t enjoy filling out extensive paperwork, your efforts will pay off. While you’re waiting to hear whether or not you have been successful, pour your energy into an artistic endeavour. Your confidence always soars when you’re creating things that are both useful and beautiful.

23 November-21 December
Beware of dampening a loved one’s enthusiasm. You might not think their chances look good, but that’s no reason to discourage their goals. It’s possible you’ve underestimated their abilities. If they surpass your expectations and achieve victory, be the first to sincerely congratulate them. Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, put your energy into a creative project. Moving forward with a project like a book or blog will lift your spirits.

22 December-20 January
When someone refuses to pull their weight at home or at work, cut them loose. You’re tired of doing the work of two people. Replacing this irresponsible individual with a competent worker will change your relationship to work. Instead of feeling frazzled, you’ll have time for the people and activities you love. Going home at a decent hour will be a welcome change. Stop feeling guilty. You shouldn’t have to prop up someone who is meant to help you.

21 January-19 February
Anyone who challenges your authority has to be checked. Ignoring a disrespectful rebel will only cause your problems to mount. Nip this problem in the bud by issuing a single warning. If that is ignored, deliver on your ultimatum. You will be accused of being unfair. People who witness the situation will lend their support. You’re not on a power trip. You’re simply trying to share valuable information with people who will benefit from it.

20 February-20 March
Your employer is making more demands on you. This imposition angers you, but don’t make any hasty decisions. It’s better to meet these goals than leave a secure job. When you have done what has been asked of you, you may be in for a pay rise. You’ll also get some plum assignments. Any pressure you experience on the professional front is a test. This is your chance to establish a reputation as a reliable worker who is able to rise to any challenge.

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