Your 10K Running Tips

15 Oct 2012

Laurence Arca Bathe of Urban Energy offers some tips to help you cross the line

Everyone has a slightly different style of running, and a slightly different foot type. It’s important to get yourself fitted for the right shoe for you, so that you stay comfortable while you run. Your shoes will need to be replaced every 500km to 600km as shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning and stability over time. If you keep running in those old worn-out shoes, then you are placing a lot of extra stress on your joints, which could result in injuries.

It’s not just the shoes that are important. Buy a supportive running bra that doesn’t dig into your body, and choose breathable fabric for your running tops and shorts. In this region, we often run in the sun, so get a cap or at least a visor.

A training programme will help keep you motivated, and will allow you to schedule in all important rest and cross training days. If you are a beginner, it will allow you to build up your mileage slowly, so you don’t do too much too soon, which may result in injury. If you are a more seasoned runner, a training programme can also  help you to work on areas that you would like to focus on, such as increasing your speed over a specified distance.

When you’re running, make sure you stay upright and keep your head up - this will help you to run more efficiently. You also need to have your shoulders down and relaxed, with your arms also relaxed at a 90 degree angle. Make sure that you get into a nice rhythm with your breathing.

Training with a friend is so much more fun than plodding along on your own. Urban Energy offer Marathon Training, which is a 14 to 21-week long training course for fun runners who are ready to achieve marathon (or half-marathon)-runner status. Prices for the Marathon Training courses start from Dhs1,000. See for more details.

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