You won't believe what a Dubai man did to two sisters

Another shocking human trafficking incident rocks the UAE
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 01 September 2015
You won't believe what a Dubai man did to two sisters
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A Pakistani man, living in Dubai, has been sentenced to life in jail after forcing two sisters into prostitution. The 38-year-old salesman lured the sisters, also Pakistani, to Dubai promising them work in a beauty salon. But that wasn’t the case.

According to 7Days newspaper, the trouble started as soon as the salesman met the two women at the airport last August and took them to an apartment in Deira.

“He asked me and my sister to go to nightclubs and find customers,” said one of the sisters. “We refused and he raped me.” He also threatened to assault them and kill their family. Afterwards he took them to a hotel where two Pakistani customers were waiting for them. The woman said: “I told the customer that I didn’t want to, but he claimed he had paid for me and then raped me.”

After being locked up in a flat for three days, one of the women managed to escape and alert Dubai Police of the situation. They managed to arrest the salesman and also arrested the customers, who have been sentenced to three years in jail. They will all be deported after serving their sentences. 

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