You will NOT believe how someone tried to smuggle drugs into Dubai!

A man was detained for smuggling drugs into the city in the craziest way!
ByShreya BhatiaThursday , 06 August 2015
You will NOT believe how someone tried to smuggle drugs into Dubai!

A 49 -year-old Swedish man was recently arrested for smuggling over six kilos of drugs into Dubai. The man stuffed several packets of the drug into his leg cast and was traveling through Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3.

According to a report by Gulf News, the Swede looked anxious and was sweating a lot when he arrived, which made the airport officers suspicious of him. A policeman asked the Swede for the medical reports of his condition since he told him that both his legs were fractured. When the man tried to run, the police officer ran behind him and took him into custody. Further searches revealed that the man had hidden pouches of over 6kgs of cocaine in his cast. Unbelievable, right?

The Swedish man was then accused of smuggling and possessing cocaine for the purpose of selling. The reports said that when the defendant appeared for the first hearing at the Dubai Court, he confessed to the charges of smuggling, but not to that of promotion.

The policeman told Gulf News that on discovering the cocaine, the man took out US$100 and offered him to “take it.” On taking him to the airport clinic, it was discovered that the man had not broken his legs, and the cast was a part of his plan. Further investigations proved that the man had agreed to smuggle the drugs for another man for the price of Dhs8,050, according to the reports.

While a judgement is yet to be passed on the case, all of us are still reeling from this news. It’s the craziest thing we’ve heard all week!

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