You HAVE To See The Bathrooms In These Dubai Villas

The tubs alone are worth $1Million!
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 24 April 2017
You HAVE To See The Bathrooms In These Dubai Villas
© XXII Carat

Fancy a soak in one of the world's most expensive bathtubs?

Look no further, because the XXII Carat villa complex on Palm Jumeriah houses some of the most expensive bathrooms in the world, reports Daily Mail.

Slated for completion sometime this year, each of the 22 villas boasts a $1Million bathtub, carved from precious crystal sourced especially from the Brazilian Amazon Jungle.

The pieces have been crafted by Florence-based company Baldi Home Jewels and the process that goes into making these tubs is quite extensive!

First, the crystal stones are transported all the way from Brazil to the Middle East, and would you believe, they weigh 10,000Kgs each!

They are then cut in half, and hours upon hours are spent sandpapering them into the desired shape, talk about hard work!

The outside of the tub is left untouched, to mark the stark difference between human craftsmanship and natural design.

The finished product is definitely out of this world!

We really, really want one of these tubs!

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