You can have breakfast with giraffes in Abu Dhabi

You can have breakfast with giraffes in Abu Dhabi

12 Feb 2020

Giraffe manor 2.0!

If you've always been blown away by the giraffe manor in Kenya (often spotted on Instagram), the UAE has something that might appeal. 

Emirates Park Zoo is offering a breakfast experience with giraffes, right in our backyard for a little less than flights and accommodation in Kenya. 

For AED1,500 you can enjoy a two-hour breakfast for up to six people, and participate in feeding of giraffes, zebras, hippos and many others. You will be guided by an environmental tour guide and have a great chance to learn more about these mighty creatures.

The Emirates Park Zoo also offers a breakfast with parrots and other tropical birds, brunch with big cats, crocodiles feeding and many other fun things to do.

The resort also features 26 chalets, located right in the heart of the zoo. So you can stay overnight within the park. 

INFO: check the website