The Year's Biggest Stories...

31 Dec 2008

A Month By Month Run Down Of 2008 In Hollywood


…Heath Ledger died

The showbiz world was shaken by the untimely death of actor Heath Ledger, aged just 28. The father-of-one was found dead in his New York apartment, after an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. A-listers came out in force to show their respect for Heath. The mother of his daughter Matilda, Michelle Williams said, “My heart is broken.” While a source close to Heath’s best pal Jake Gyllenhaal, revealed, “Jake is taking this harder than most people.”

Britney had a breakdown!

Brit hit rock bottom at the beginning of the year, barricading herself in the bathroom of her Beverly Hills mansion with her son Jayden, then aged one year old. Police and fire services were called to the house, where medical staff claimed they found a hysterical Brit allegedly screaming at police.

“[She screamed], ‘Get out or I’m going to kill myself,’” said an emergency officer.

A bewildered-looking Brit was eventually strapped down and carted off in an ambulance, deemed a danger to herself and to others.

Linds fell off the wagon!
Recovering alcoholic Lindsay Lohan, was snapped merrily glugging from a bottle of champers as she rang in the New Year in Italy. Despite numerous trips to rehab, it seems the temptation for a festive tipple proved too much for LiLo.

“Despite her recent troubles she was downing vodka cranberry and vodka soda,” spilled her not-so-subtle date, ex-model Alessandro di Nunzio.

Nicole And Xtina became Mummies

Nicole Richie gave birth to her uber-cute daughter Harlow, with dad Joel gushing, “We are blessed. She’s healthy and beautiful and so good already.” And Christina Aguilera also gave birth to a baby boy, Max Liron.

Lily had a Miscarriage

Our hearts went out to Brit singer Lily Allen, who miscarried her first child, shortly after returning from a holiday to the Maldives, with her baby’s father, Chemical Brother, Ed Simons. “They are both absolutely heartbroken,” confirmed a source close to the couple.

Mischa got busted!
The OC has-been was arrested for drink driving and driving without a valid licence – tsk tsk!


…The Oscars caught Euro fever
Two Brits, one Spaniard and a gorgeous French mademoiselle ran off with the top four honours. Joining Daniel Day Lewis, Tilda Swinton, Marion Cotillard and Javier Bardem were a host of Hollywood’s A-list including George Clooney, Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum, who stole the show in a stunning red Dior dress.

Katie hit Back!
Katie Holmes hit out at rumours surrounding the paternity of Suri, dismissing claims that the tot was actually fathered by the late Scientology founder, L Ron Hubbard. The claim, made by celeb biographer Andrew Norton in Tom Cruise: An Unauthorised Biography, riled the usually mild mannered Katie. “That’s just not okay,” she fumed. “It’s something I don’t stand for.” Tell ‘em sista!

Jen had Twins!
Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins Max and Emme. “Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon,” said Jennifer’s manager, Simon Fields.

The finger was pointed at Mary-Kate
Hollywood was left scratching its head when it emerged that the masseuse who discovered Heath Ledger’s body called Mary-Kate Olsen three times before dialling 911. A darker side of the once squeaky-clean twin began to emerge, with insiders whispering that MK was a bad influence on the late actor.

“Both of them had a mutual interest in partying,” said a source. “She could drink a lot for someone her size. Heath was amused by this teeny little thing bursting with nervous energy.”

What bump?
Nicole Debuted Her Post-Baby Figure

Just three weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Nicole was snapped on a night out in LA, looking unbelievably slender in skintight lycra and heels. The new mum left Harlow with the babysitter (well they weren’t going to let the paps get the first pics!), while she and Joel hooked up with Lionel Richie to attend talent agent Benny Medina’s birthday bash.


…ange stood jen up!
Jennifer Aniston was finally set to meet the woman who stole her husband in a clash-of-the-Titans showdown at a showbiz bash, but in a calculated move, Angelina Jolie declined to show.

And while insiders revealed how Jen had stressed about what she’d wear, psychologists commented that Ange was playing a power game – and winning. “If Ange is trying to get under Jen’s skin – push her buttons – this is a clever way to do it,” Robert Green, author of The 48 Laws Of Power, told US Weekly. Worse news was to come for Jen – Brad Pitt confirmed that he and Ange were expecting twins. Double ouch!

Sisi got engaged to Rhys
Love was in the air as 27-year-old Sienna Miller agreed to marry her boyfriend Rhys Ifans, 39. And the Welsh actor was feeling pretty pleased with himself. “Everything is supposed to be secret, but Rhys is finding it hard to keep quiet. He can’t believe that she has finally said ‘yes’,” spilled a source. Looks like poor Rhysy spoke too soon…

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson reunited!
We were so pleased to see Owen Wilson smiling again after his suicide attempt in 2007 – and the reason for his new-found happiness soon became clear. His ex Kate, was spotted leaving the actor’s home in the early hours of the morning. Pity she later dumped him for his bestie, Lance Armstrong.

Til’s love life!
It was revealed that not only did Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton boast a 29-year-old German boyfriend, she also retained a relationship with the father of her twins, playwright, John Byrne, 68. And what’s more, they all lived together! Cosy.

Kate and Sisi made up
They were rumoured to hate the sight of each other, but in March, fashion rivals Sienna and Mossy kissed and made-up. Pictured together with their mutual bestie, hairdresser James Brown, they put aside their differences in aid of a breast cancer charity. It didn’t last long, though.

Patrick battled cancer
The sad news reached us in March that Dirty Dancing legend Patrick Swayze was battling pancreatic cancer. But a spokesperson for the 55-year-old slammed reports that Patrick only had five weeks to live – “All of the reports stating the time frame of his prognosis… are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic.”

Justin’s dodgy ‘tache
as a sex symbol, thanks to a banana hammock and a very questionable ‘tache. Luckily, it was just a costume for his role in mega-flop The Love Guru.


…paris and nicole were squabbling (again!)
Paris’s romance with Nic’s boyfriend’s brother (keep up!) reignited the feud between on/off besties Paris and Nic. While Nic was left home alone with new baby Harlow, Paris was off doing the groupie thing, touring with her rocker beau Benji and Nic’s boyfriend Joel – and Nic didn’t like it! Cue accusations of ‘single white female’ copycatting from the Richie corner, and a bad case of boyfriend envy from the Hilton corner. Luckily they kissed and made up – for another month at least.

Cruz was too cute
The three-year-old put into action his plan to become more famous than his Spicey mum, playing up to the cameras for all his worth (even throwing the paps ‘rap hands’ shapes). Dressing up as Harry Potter, then Batman the junior Beckham elicited many “aww’s” and virtual cheek-pinching. But it was when he took to the stage for an impromptu break-dance performance during the Spice Girls tour that his quest for world domination was complete.

Jamie-lynn and mossy Double Joy As The Girls Got Engaged!

Casey Aldridge agreed to make an honest woman of his then 16-year-old pregnant girlfriend Jamie-Lynn. And in one final ‘goodbye Pete’ gesture, Kate Moss agreed to marry The Kills frontman Jamie Hince, after a year of dating.

Strop of the week

Naomi’s Baggage Barney
The queen of hissy fits threw a blinder at Heathrow when BA lost one of her bags. At least she didn’t throw a phone at them...

Nat debuted her fugly new man
Jaws dropped when we clocked these pics of the stunning Natalie Portman cuddled up to her hairy new man, folk singer (that explains the beard, then!) Devandra Banhard. He’s a far cry from her hot exes Jake, Hayden and Gael. Each to their own, eh?

The Heather backlash began
The bitter divorce battle was behind her, and she’d walked away with a cool Dhs18 million, but Heather Mills’ battle to save her rep was far from won, after the judge’s findings were made public.

The ex-model was branded a “less than impressive witness,” whose gave “inconsistent and inaccurate” evidence and was prone to “make-believe.” Basically she’s bonkers. Non-shocker!


…Mimi got married!
Mariah Carey married actor Nick Cannon in an impromptu ceremony in the Caribbean – after just one month of dating!

Mimi, 39, fell for Nick, 27, on the set of the video for her single Bye Bye which led to the most ridiculous wedding of the year.

Cue Nick running around like a lap dog after Mariah, buying her Hello Kitty memorabilia and being her official brolly-holder. We gave it six months, but it looks like Ahlan! will have to eat their words: as the barmy pair are still together!

Jen found A new love
Pals of Jen Aniston confirmed the actress was loved-up with John Mayer, after pics of the pair holidaying in Miami emerged. The shots, which showed John and Jen lying by the private pool at the Mandarin Oriental Miami, proved just how close the pair had become. “It’s very real. They’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks now,” said a spy. Take that, Brangelina!

Kate Hudson And Lance Armstrong

Fresh from her split with Owen Wilson, Kate cosied up to his pal Lance Armstrong. The pair were “beaming” at each other as they bopped to 80s classics at a DG party in Cannes. How very, very cheesy.

Katie got a job!
Katie Holmes bagged a role on Broadway, playing Ann Deever in a production of All My Sons.

“Katie is well suited for the role of Ann,” said producer Eric Falkenstein. “She has always impressed with multi-faceted characters.” And Tom and Suri made the move to NY in a bid to “keep the family together.”

Justin's Missus Without Slap

We almost cracked open the champers when we spied these dodgy pics of Jessica Biel sans make-up. She was carrying more than her fair share of excess baggage at JFK and most of it under her eyes! There is a god.

Ashlee And Pete Said ‘I Do’

Ashlee Simpson tied the knot with her Fall Out Boy rocker boyfriend, Pete Wentz, in a fairytale-inspired ceremony at her parents’ home. Living out her fantasies, the bride chose an Alice In Wonderland theme and wore an ivory lace Monique Lhuillier gown and Neil Lane diamonds – and kept everyone guessing about a rumoured pregnancy. Like, durr!


...Jamie-lynn gave birth
Jamie-Lynn Spears gave birth to her first daughter Maddie Briann, with older sister Britney jetting in for the birth, while her fiancé, 19-year-old Casey Aldridge was waiting outside the delivery room to become a first-time dad. But just a week after the birth, Jamie Lynn had to face rumours that Casey may have cheated, when pictures of him hanging out with – and being kissed by – another girl hit the Internet!

George dumped Sarah
George Clooney became a single man again after calling time on his relationship with his girlfriend of one year, Sarah Larson.

“George is relieved to be on his own again,” spilled an insider. “The truth is that they had little in common and he just didn’t want to be tied down.”

The former cocktail waitress was said to be devastated by the split and reports later suggested that Sarah’s boob job was to blame, as the eternal bachelor prefers the ‘natural’ look.

Mattie was out of control!
The then dad-to-be Matthew McConaughey, ran amock in June, with a series of drinking binges whilst on a surfing trip to Nicaragua. Mattie reportedly stunned locals by slurring nonsense, hitting on every girl in sight and then passing out in a ditch. “The guy drank everything in sight,” said one onlooker. “Everyone lost respect for him.” What a role model for little Levi, eh?

Jess and Tony got back together
Tony Romo took Jessica Simpson back – under one condition: that her interfering dad Joe butted out!

Tony, who split from Jess the previous month, agreed to try again on the proviso that Joe stops trying to manage Tony’s life, career and endorsement deals. Looks like Papa Joe has learnt his lesson from Nick-gate and has kept his promise (for now at least!)

Jess dissed Carrie

When Jess rocked up to LAX airport, sporting a slogan tee with the words ‘Real Girls Eat Meat’ emblazoned across it, it was a clear jibe at Tony’s ex, vegetarian Carrie Underwood.

Colin shrank

We wondered where in the heck our fave bad boy Colin Farrell had gone in June, when he was snapped with lank hair and a pale gaunt face. Thankfully Col’s hobo look was temporary, for a movie role in Triage. Ahh! And the universe makes sense again...


...The world went mad for Brangelina’s twins!
Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl named Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline – sending the media into a frenzy trying to catch a glimpse of the celeb babies.

Excitement mounted when everyone, from the doctor who delivered the twins, to the mayor of the French town where they were born, came forward to praise the perfect pair and their showbiz parents.

“[Angelina] was awake and speaking and happy,” spilled Dr Michel Sussman. While Brad was “perfectly calm, totally determined.” Pics of the super-cute tots sold for a reported Dhs75million. That’s some pretty pricey celebuspawn.

Sienna and Balt caused controversy
Sienna Miller was outed as a homewrecker in July, after a British tabloid exposed her affair with married Brothers And Sisters star, oil heir Balthazar Getty, with the News of the World reporting that Sisi had been holed up with the married dad-of-four in the Hollywood Hills.

“They daren’t go out together, so they spend most of their time inside,” said a mole. Despite Balthazar denying the affair, then reportedly trying to win back his wife of eight years, Rosetta, the twosome were spotted days later brazenly flaunting their relationship onboard a yacht off Italy’s Almalfi coast.

“Sienna is totally besotted with Balthazar and finds him utterly irresistible,” said a friend.

Madge and Guy faced split rumours
Rumours had been circulating for months that Madge’s marriage to Guy Ritchie was on the rocks, but in July, speculation went into overdrive with reports surfacing that Madge had visited a costly divorce lawyer.

Despite denials from the couple, Madge was then spotted in NYC without her wedding ring – prompting insiders to confirm the marriage was over.

“The truth is they don’t see each other or live ‘together’ as they did. They’re like ships passing in the night,” spilled a source, but Guy quickly jetted to NY to see Madge.

Jamie moved out of Kate’s
Rumours of another shock split surfaced in July, with reports that Jamie Hince had moved out of the North London home he shared with Kate Moss, following a series of blazing rows.

“Jamie’s telling friends it’s not a permanent split – it’s simply that he’s in the doghouse,” said a friend

Matthew had a baby boy!
Matthew McConaughey and fiancé Camila Alves welcomed their first child, Levi, into the world.

“We are stoked and wowed by this miracle of creation and this gift from God, and so excited for the adventure that will come raising this child, being a mother and a father and shepherding him through this life,” said Mattie.


...Jen and John split!
Rumours that John Mayer had split with Jennifer Aniston were confirmed, when John held an impromptu press conference outside his NY gym.

“I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right,” he said. His comments sparked a bitter row with Jen, who was said to be shocked he spoke out – particularly since friends insisted she ended it.

“It’s she who ended the relationship. John’s childish behaviour only confirms she was right to dump him,” spilled a pal. “Jennifer was tired of paying for everything. Cobwebs come flying out of John’s wallet.”

MK was let off the hook
After apparently refusing to answer any police questions about Heath Ledger’s death, Mary-Kate Olsen was let off the hook in August as the case was closed – leaving many questions still left unanswered.

Heath’s death was recorded as “accidental overdose,” meaning the subpoena issued against the actress will never be enforced. Sources close to the investigation revealed that they had wanted to ascertain how Heath got hold of the prescription drug OxyContin.

“Did it come from a dealer, from a friend? If he had a bottle from a friend, was it taken by someone else before police responded?” said a source. “That is what is trying to be determined.” And now, it never will...

Batman was busted!
Christian Bale was left reeling at the beginning of the month, after he was arrested in London over an alleged assault on his mum Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, at a London hotel.

Police were called to the Dorchester Hotel following an altercation, when Jenny and Sharon reportedly filed a complaint against the 34-year-old. Insiders claimed the Batman Begins star – who was said to still be grieving the loss of his friend and Dark Knight co-star Heath Ledger – lost his temper when Sharon asked him for money and Jenny then insulted his wife, Sibi, with whom he was reportedly having marriage problems.

“He was asked to loan them [Dhs700,000], but he refused and that caused an almighty row,” said a source. Adding, “The women claim he assaulted them by pushing and shoving them.”

The charges were dropped, but we don’t reckon mum and sis will be asking for handouts anytime soon.

Joss Stone headbutts bro
Also falling out with her family in August, was Joss Stone, who returned home for a family Christening – and headbutted her own brother after they clashed over Joss's diva-ness.

Matthew was accused of cheating on SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker was left devastated in August over allegations her husband of 11 years, Matthew Broderickhad cheated on her while she was filming the Sex And The City movie.

Matthew was said to have had a four-month affair with a 25-year-old youth worker he met in a bar.

Pals of the celeb couple revealed they had been “struggling for years,” but that SJP had decided to forgive and forget for the sake of their son James, five.

Jamie-Lynn betrayed?

Also rumoured to have been caught cheating this month was Jamie-Lynn’s boyfriend Casey Aldridge. His 28-year-old ex, Kelli Dawson, spilled the beans to a US tabloid about their long-running affair that reportedly lasted until Jamie-Lynn was six months pregnant with daughter Maddie. Casey denied the allegations.

Peaches' Vegas wedding

Rock heiress Peaches Geldof, spiralled out of control in August. First she collapsed, allegedly from a drug overdose, then she fled to Vegas for a quickie wedding to her rocker boyfriend of less than a month, Max Drummey. And her actions prompted fears she’s following in her late mum Paula Yates’ destructive footsteps.


...Brit bounced back!
A year after her disastrous performance at last year’s ceremony, Britney stole the show at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, scooping three Moonmen statuettes for her Pieces Of Me video.

Wearing a glittering silver sequin dress, and with her once shorn hair in soft blonde curls, Brit looked every inch the pop princess we know and love.

Welcome back, Brit!

Travis and DJ AM survived a plane crash!
The showbiz world was rocked in September, by the news that Former Blink 182 rocker, Travis Barker and ex-fiance of Nicole Kidman, Adam Goldstein (aka DJ AM) had been involved in a serious plane crash that killed four.

Both men were rushed to hospital in critical condition after their Lear Jet crashed during take-off, killing the pilot, co-pilot, Travis’s assistant and his security guard, and leaving both Travis and Adam with severe burns.

Well-wishes poured in from a host a celebs – including Adam’s ex Nicole, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan – for the pair, who thankfully both made a speedy recovery.

The 'Poxie'
In a signature scene-stealing move, Posh debuted her new pixie crop at Marc Jacobs' show at NY fashion week. Reviews of the dramatic new do (nicknamed the 'poxie') were mixed, but VB's bestie J-Lo, reckoned she looked like Audrey Hepburn.

Sienna fled Britain
As the Sienna backlash mounted, in the wake of her public affair with married dad-of-four Balthazar Getty – culminating in an insulting word being sprayed onto the side of her North London home – a distraught Sisi fled her native Britain.

“It’s disgusting that she can’t live in her own country,” blasted her ex-stepmother, celebrity interior designer Kelly Hoppen.

The news came after it was revealed that Sisi was called into crisis talks with her management, where she was allegedly told, “Women don’t like you at all. And men don’t like you enough to make up for it.”

She was later spotted househunting in Los Angeles with Balthazar.

David Duchovny went to rehab
Married X-files star and father-of-two David Duchovny, was admitted into rehab, after he revealed he suffers from sex addiction.

“I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction,” admitted David. “I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family.”

In the weeks following the announcement, David announced he was splitting from his wife of 11 years, Bad Boys actress, Tea Leoni.

Kentucky fried Jess
Jess Simpson’s famous figure ballooned thanks to the stress of promoting her country album – “I’m a nervous eater and this tour has made me a nervous wreck,” she explained.


...Madge and Guy announced split
After months of rumours, Madonna and Guy Ritchie finally announced their 10-year marriage was over. As both camps geared up for the divorce battle of the century, shocking revelations about the Ritchie-Ciccone household emerged, including that Madge was a control freak, obsessed with exercise and Kabbalah; and that Guy was a gold-digger and an “emotional retard.”

Thankfully, there was a voice of reason in the childish tit-for-tat battle; 12-year-old Lourdes, who begged the couple to end things amicably. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to listen. Shame.

Ange revealedher post-baby body
Dressed in an Atelier Versace dress and Sergio Rossi shoes, all eyes were on Ange’s super-slim post-baby bod, on the red carpet at the New York premiere of her flick Changeling.

It was her first time back in the spotlight since giving birth to twins Knox and Vivienne three months previously, and Ange basked in the attention.

Never one to hold back in interviews, she used the opportunity to reveal all about Brangelina, including what an “amazing” dad Brad is, how “sweet” the twins are and how they were already talking about adding to their brood. Dr Phil would call that “over-sharing.”

Jen and John got back together!
Jennifer Aniston set tongues wagging when she was spotted enjoying a series of secret dates with her ex John Mayer.

“They were very lovey-dovey,” said an onlooker, who spied the pair emerging from a private plane they had chartered to fly from New York to LA. “They kissed several times and hugged each other tightly. John gave her a lingering kiss.”

The reunion came as a shock to many after the couple’s bitter split in August, especially since Jen had enjoyed a string of A-list dates – with 300 hunk Gerard Butler and Alec Baldwin.

And Jen’s pals weren’t pleased with the new romance, predicting that John is “not around for the long haul.”

Jessica got her body back too
Body-obsessed Jessica Alba, looked thrilled to be back in shape, as she showed off her bikini bod on a Mexican beach.

The star later admitted it took four months of extreme dieting and exercise to shed her pregnancy weight.

JLo’s tell-all interview
J-Lo’s supermum persona was tarnished this month, when a controversial interview was leaked during which J-Loallegedly admitted she’d had a nervous breakdown in the past.

And the Elle journalist who interviewed her, also claimed Jen revealed she’d suffered from depression after the birth of her twins and was a Scientologist. Her rep denied all the claims made.

Heather Locklear
The former Melrose Place actress was arrested under suspicion of DUI, when she was spotted driving erratically on a Santa Barbara highway – just two months after checking out of rehab. Tsk tsk.

Mileys’ Super Sweet 16

The teen brat closed down Disneyland for 5,000 of her ‘closest’ pals to host the most OTT showbiz bash of the year – her 16th birthday! Guests were treated to performances from Miley, her boyfriend, her sister and her dad. Talk about Cyrus overload!


...The stars invaded Dubai!
The Dhs72million Atlantis launch was the most talked-about party of the year, as the A-listers flocked to The Palm for a star-studded dinner and after-party.

Ahlan! had front-row tickets for all the red carpet action – and exclusive access to the bash! – mingling with Kylie, Lily Allen, Natalie Imbruglia, Mischa Barton, Daisy Lowe, Jade Jagger, Lindsay Lohan, Charlize Theron and more! Our fave celeb of the night? Richard Branson’s daughter Holly – gorgeous and lovely!

Brit finally opened up!
Britney released a controversial new MTV documentary this month, which offered a no-holds barred peek inside her insane life.

The troubled star held nothing back, slamming Kevin Federline for ditching her to pursue his ill-fated rap career, revealing her “devastation” after her break-up from Justin, and likening her life to a “prison.”

“I used to be cool chick,” lamented Brit. “But I’m not anymore… I had let people into my life that were just bad people. You’re so busy, you don’t see what’s going on. You don’t have time to stop and think I totally lost my way, lost focus, lost myself.”

Paris And Benji Split
Paris Hilton split from her boyfriend of nine months, Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, with insiders revealing that the heiress felt “too fenced in” by the teetotal musician, and was missing her old party lifestyle.

The break-up came just days after Paris was spotted partying with her ex, Stavros Niarchos.

Madge and Guy got a quickie divorce
Madonna and Guy Ritchie were granted a super-quick divorce, with the papers revealing the singer had cited Guy’s “unreasonable behaviour” as grounds for the split.

The warring couple agreed to share custody of Rocco, eight and David, three, with 12-year-old Lourdes – Madge’s daughter with Carlos Leon – staying with her mum.

Bronx Mowgli Wentz

As if Ashlee Simpson’s son doesn't have enough issues growing up with Pete Wentz as his dad, the showbiz couple decided to give the tot the, ahem, unusual moniker Bronx Mowgli. Yep, as in The Jungle Book. Harsh.

Ange told Jen: “I’m Sorry”
In a shock move, Angelina Jolie reportedly held out an olive branch to Jennifer Aniston in November.

According to insiders, Angelina privately issued a grovelling apology to Jen, following her confession that she fell for Brad while he was still married.

Jen was reportedly furious, with friends commenting, “Jen didn’t see any good reason to relieve Angelina of her guilt. I think what she really wanted to do was point a finger in her face and shout, ‘Homewrecker!’”

Ange’s apology prompted a rare and honest interview with Jen weeks later, during which she told Vogue magazine, Ange was very “uncool” for talking publicly about falling for Brad.


...Celebs hit back
After years of dignified silence, Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes finally answered their critics this month. In candid interviews with Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times respectively, Jen shunned reports that she was still bitter about Brad; while Katie quashed reports she was a meek wallflower.

“It’s history… that’s all it is to me,” said Jen on her divorce from Brad. While Katie blasted, “There’s a huge misperception of me in the press that I have just become this wallflower, that I am this woman who doesn’t have any control over her life. And that is pretty wrong actually.”

Brit begged: “I want my life back”
While pics of a smiling, healthy-looking Brit emerged in the press – coupled with rave reviews of a mini-European tour – sources in Britney’s camp revealed that beneath the surface, the singer was far from content.

According to insiders, Brit was growing tired of her dad Jamie’s rigid conservatorship, and had reportedly complained to pals, “I’m sick of being controlled.”

Brit’s strict new lifestyle – which was highlighted in an MTV documentary, Britney: For The Record – meant early nights and no partying. “I feel like an old person,” lamented Brit. “I go to bed at like, 9.30pm every night, and I don’t go out or anything.”

Ange And Brad started trying for twins (Again!)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were reported to be trying for more twins in December, according to friends, who revealed the actress has already started secret fertility treatment to conceive as soon as she possibly could.

“Angie’s doctors told her that she has a strong chance of conceiving twins if she does it within two years after having her first pair,” said a pal. “She’s been seeing a fertility doctor regularly. She and Brad are monitoring when she’s fertile. And they’re trying really hard in the bedroom!”

Ange also reportedly changed her diet to maximise her chances of a multiple birth –“A friend told her that yams and orange juice will increase her chances [of getting pregnant with twins],” added the source.

Balt defended Sisi

Days after it was revealed that the pair never actually split, Balthazar Getty spoke out in defence if his girlfriend, Sienna Miller. The married father-of-four confessed he should have defended Sisi when she was slammed in the press for being a “homewrecker.”

“I think Sienna might have been [treated unfairly]... it takes two to tango man,” said Balt. “You can’t point your finger at one person. Sometimes I just wish I had stepped forward and said, ‘Enough!’”

Blake demands hush money

Amy Winehouse’s estranged hubby Blake Fielder-Civil, reportedly approached her management to ask for Dhs5.5million to keep quiet about their marriage. “He’s two-faced,” said a source. “He just wants a pay-ff. Money’s his driving force.”