Yawn... It's The Mids

The tide is turning for the wisteria sisters
Yawn... It's The Mids
Pippa Middleton

It comes as a surprise to many as to why Pippa Middleon and her sister Kate, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, are so renowned in social circles as these beautiful fashionistas.

Hailed as the next best thing, the sisters have been picked up by the press as these scions of the modern era.

What’s more, their ghastly dresses, ropey faces and questionable derrieres have been hailed as something to aim for throughout the world.

However, It would seem the fashion world is finally turning on the wisteria sisters – a nickname the press gave them for their notorious social climbing – after an array of fashion faux pas and annoying social graces!

My source says, “It was Dame Vivienne Westwood who got the ball rolling and now everyone is jumping on the band wagon.” At last…