Yago Goicoechea & Riccardo Audisio

The design duo that has been gathering up fashion awards
Wednesday , 23 March 2016
Yago Goicoechea & Riccardo Audisio
Yago Goicoechea & Riccardo Audisio
• We had an incredibly good year in 2015; it was most intense since founding our fashion label Taller Marmo. We were awarded the International Woolmark Prize by the Dubai Design and Fashion Council and were also shortlisted for The Fashion Prize. In addition, Grazia Qatar selected us as ambassadors in Milan for the Glam Awards and Grazia Middle East awarded us Regional Brand of the Year.
• We believe that our success comes from a combination of hard work, good luck and perfect timing. It’s important to be persistent, focussed and not to depend on others. We’ve learnt never to count how many hours we work – for us, our work is our lifestyle and it reflects the energy of Dubai as a growing city. 
• Our days are very different because depending on the month we have different tasks. For example, a couple of months before fashion week our job is to coordinate suppliers, manufacturers and the pattern maker to produce the new collection. We might then work on a photoshoot and our presentation in Paris, or we could be looking towards a show in Dubai.
• Our mothers are key influences for us both, they believed in what we could achieve. Along the way, it’s important that you don’t let flattery elevate you or criticism stop you.
• In our downtime we do very simple stuff. We have beautiful dinners with our friends and we watch a lot of movies and series. At the moment it’s American Horror Story: Hotel. 
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