Yael Stone is quitting U.S. to fight 'climate war' in Australia

Yael Stone is quitting U.S. to fight 'climate war' in Australia

08 Jan 2020

The Orange is the New Black star returns to her native country

Actress Yael Stone is voluntarily giving up her permanent residency in the U.S. and returning home to Australia in an effort to reduce her carbon footprint.

She has been splitting her time between the two countries for years, but she has since decided to set up home permanently Down Under as she attempts to make personal "sacrifices" to help combat the impact of climate change, particularly in light of the bushfire devastation raging across her homeland.

As a result, Stone, who has a young daughter with her partner, Jack Manning Bancroft, is in the midst of giving up her Green Card, which had allowed her to legally live and work in America indefinitely.

"The carbon emissions alone from that flying, it's unethical, it's not right," she explained to fans in a Twitter video post on Tuesday.

"So I will be going through the process of giving up my Green Card and saying goodbye to a life in America. I'm going to be here in Australia doing the work I can to make a difference here, because the time is now."

Stone went on to encourage followers to do their bit to fight the "climate war", saying, "Let's make these sacrifices, let's make these changes, let's put some skin in the game and say, 'Yeah, I care and this is what I'm going to do about it.'" "This is just the beginning from me," she added.

Stone's announcement was made shortly after she attacked Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for the lack of urgency shown in his response to the bushfire disaster.
"Our country is on fire...," Stone declared in an Instagram video.

"We have to step up because this is war. This is a climate war. And for the first time, our enemy is not wearing a uniform that we'll be able to recognise. Our enemy is our own behaviour."