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Wow! You Can Now See Inside The Abu Dhabi-Dubai Hyperloop

25 Jun 2018

The futuristic train is expected to save as much as Dhs3 billion in lost working hours

We have to admit, we're PRETTY excited about the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Hyperloop One. The super-fast train that is set to reach speeds of 1,200 kilometres per hour (700 miles per hour) and get commuters from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in around 12 minutes. Wow! 

And today, a video inside one of the prototype cabins has been released by Dubai Media Office: 

It's expected that the futuristic Hyperloop will be up and running in as little as five years.

When the 12 minute commute does become a reality (reduced from a standard 1 1/2 hours right now), it's expected that it will save an estimated $800 million (Dhs3 billion) in lost working hours.

Taking a look inside the cabin, it seems that the interiors are pretty plush! With plenty of leg room and screens in the chairs... it was be a very comfortable 12 minute journey indeed, when it is up and running!