Worst Dressed This Week

10 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Best not channel Nicole Kidman and Tina Fey's style

Nicole Kidman
Did Nicole get this number down the market? Or did she bag it at Dame Edna’s retirement clearance sale? We appreciate the attempt at age-appropriate sleeves and hemlines but this is a step too far. As is the frozen face. Terrifying!

Tina Fey
Clogs! She’s wearing clogs! Our eyes! And while we appreciate a Breton stripe as much as the next lady that is not what we meant. No, Tina. Just no.

Cheryl Cole
MC Hammer’s on the blower, Chezza, he needs his two-piece back. And Paula Abdul’s been looking for that weave all week. She’ll be furious when she sees.

Ellie Goulding
Leather leggings, we like, but rubber? Not so much. Especially when paired with the worst example of military chic we’ve seen in weeks. And the hair? No.

The glam city of Paris will not be happy with Tulisa’s t-shirt homage. And can’t the girl afford a new pair of tights? Hair’s improving though.