Worst Dressed This Week

22 Feb 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Best not dress like Naomi Campbell, Katy Perry and Solange Knowles. If they can’t pull it off, we have no hope

When has a double breasted red velvet suit ever sounded like a good idea? You may be a supermodel Naomi, but this is anything but stylish. Oh, and teaming it with a heavy black choker did not help to lift the look. Disastrous!

We’re on the fence with this look. It should work in theory but looks so strange in reality. Lose the leather skirt and team it with some neutral courts.

There’s colour blocking, and then there’s just being silly. These clashing hues are doing Katy no favours in the style stakes, but at least she’s having fun.

We love a bit of print-on-print action, but the matching skirt and jacket combo is a little too trolley-dolly for our likes. Less is more, Solange.

This is all too much. The tailored bustier is fine, but seriously Rihanna you’re practically drowning in those oversized trews. Find a tailor next time.