World's Most Pierced Man Denied Entry to UAE

Guinness World Record holder stopped at Dubai International Airport
ByNathalie ViranyiSunday , 17 August 2014
World's Most Pierced Man Denied Entry to UAE
© Rolf Buchholz Facebook

Dubai International Airport authorities had a rather strange encounter with a German national, ending in the refusal for the tourist trying to enter the country.

Rolf Buchholz, 2012 Guinness World Record holder, is indeed an extraordinary sight with his 453 body piercings and horns on his forehead. The information technology worker, who was visiting Dubai for an appearance at a night club show, was stopped by security staff at the airport, according to a report in Emarat Al Youm, and sent right back on a flight to Turkey.

Airport officials did not confirm a reason for refusing entry to the German, who has reportedly undergone extensive plastic surgery to achieve his looks.

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