World Famous Hairdresser Rossano Ferretti is coming to Dubai!

The hairstylist is set to launch two outlets in March
ByHend FadelMonday , 04 January 2016
 World Famous Hairdresser Rossano Ferretti is coming to Dubai!
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Celebrity stylist and hairdresser Rossano Ferretti is coming to Dubai

Rossano Ferretti, who known for being stylist to the stars including Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek will be in Dubai on 6 January.

Rossano created a completely new concept of hair cutting which is all about the natural fall of the hair. In an era over-saturated by new trends and complex beauty techniques, he masterfully strips beauty and hairdressing to its most natural elements, emphasising beauty in a natural way, creating a connection between personality, body and hair, deeply renewing the image of beauty.

The legendary hairdresser has also developed a format for a worldwide tour, beginning in Shanghai, with a tailor-made seminar inspiring the best hairdressers in the world. This series of seminars will enable Rossano to present his keys to success with others while sharing and teaching his passionate vision of  "the next future of luxury experience concept in the hair business".

He is now developing a new concept of  Luxury Franchising and collaborations with the best Hotel Chains, to expand, in a very selective way, his vision of Luxury Experience Salons.

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