Workout For Free at Fitness First during Eid!

It's the perfect way to undo the excess of the holiday...
ByLucile HelwaniThursday , 08 September 2016
Workout For Free at Fitness First during Eid!
Awesome: Fitness First gives you free access during the Eid break!

If you’re planning on staying in the region during the Eid break then this news is going to make your day! Renowned gym club, Fitness First, is giving you free access to all the clubs in the Middle East whether you’re a member or not, so working out just got that much easier (and cheaper!)

From Elliptical machines, spins, swims to grooving your moves at Zumba, yoga and aerobics, you’ll have it all to stay in shape during Eid, and all for free.

So don’t think twice, grab your friends and family and have fun together while working out. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

INFO: From 11-15 Sep,

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