Work Out Celebrity-Style in the UAE

20 Aug 2012

Channel Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes to get Hollywood hot with these celeb-inspired workouts...

Military Bootcamp
CELEB FAN: Kim Kardashian
Sign up for a package with Ignite Fitness & Wellness and prepare to be shouted into shape. Expect running, push-ups and punishment inspired by real military practices, followed by the promise of a better body. We tried the Safa Park sessions but you can also join groups at Dubai Marina.
Kim allegedly goes in for twice daily abuse, courtesy of the infamous Barry’s Bootcamp in LA, when she’s trying to get red carpet ready. We managed four times a week, which was more than enough for a civilian!
HOW MUCH? Dhs100 per session or Dhs750 for a 16 session course.
INFO: Ignite Fitness, locations across Dubai, 04 311 6570,

CELEB FAN: Katie Holmes
It’s tricky to find a pay-as-you go spinning class in Dubai but we tracked one down at Optimal Fitness in Studio City. We weren’t going to let Katie’s stationary bike skinny trick evade us! This baby burns more calories in an hour than anything else and it must be good for stress too as Katie was papped leaving a class in New York City days after ditching Tom!
INFO: Spinning, 5.50pm, Sundays, Optimal Fitness, Studio City, 04 457 2048 or www.optimal

CELEB FAN: Kate Middleton
If you were a bit of a hockey nut at school, or you just watched the Olympics and want to get involved, why not join the team at Dubai Hockey Club for training? K-Middy’s rocking bod is due in part to her love of the sport so that’s inspiration enough for us. Plus, it’s a mixed group so you can show the boys exactly why this year’s Olympics was all about the ladies.
HOW MUCH? Dhs65 for non-members, Dhs30 for members.
INFO: Dubai Hockey Club, Dubai Sports City, Sundays and Wednesdays, 8pm, 055 917 0622,

CELEB FAN: Eva Longoria
Join the biggest Zumba class in Dubai and Eva Longoria’s rocking bod will be yours. So what is this Zumba we speak of? OK, think aerobics with a Latin twist. It was created in the Nineties, but has really boomed in the last couple of years. Apparently over 12 million people take a class every week! We found channelling our inner J-Lo and throwing in a few Jane Fonda moves was a good start. You can pick the rest up as you go. Just be prepared to dance for your life, if you stop you get stepped on.
HOW MUCH? Dhs45 per class.
INFO: Zumba, 7pm, Sundays and Tuesdays, Crowne Plaza Dubai, 04 441 1111,

Bikram Yoga
CELEB FAN: Jennifer Aniston
Feeling brave? Turn it up a notch and do your yoga Bikram-style. Yup, that’s the hot one. The technique, consisting of a set of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, was created by Bikram Choudhury in the Seventies and is practiced in a room heated to 40.6C with a humidity of 40 per cent. It’s just like being outside during a UAE summer!
It’s a killer, but the buzz you get afterwards is unbeatable. Just remember to drink loads of water!
HOW MUCH? Dhs70 per class or Dhs120 for a 10 day introductory package for first-timers.
INFO: Bikram, Club Stretch, Dubai Marina, 04 431 1758,

Body Combat
CELEB FAN: Jessica Biel
If you live in the capital, why not sign up for a couple of combat fitness sessions and access your inner action star? Jessica Biel included Combat Fitness training in her preparation for Total Recall so we know it works. Expect a full-on workout and some serious aches and pains, but if you want to de-stress and tone up your triceps in one go, you won’t find a better class.
HOW MUCH? Dhs50 session or eight sessions for Dhs300.
INFO: Body Combat, Original Fitness, Sundays and Tuesdays, 7pm, Abu Dhabi Corniche (meet at Enoc), 02 406 9404,

CELEB FAN: Catherine Zeta-Jones
In this part of the world, there are more courses than you can shake a putter at, but where’s good for lessons? CZJ loves to play in Scotland, but we like Dubai Golf Club for the great instructors. Just remember to dress the part: you need a polo shirt and longer shorts and trainers. And denim’s banned!
HOW MUCH? Dhs450 per hour for a one-to-one lesson.
INFO: The Dubai Golf Club, 04 205 4666,

CELEB FAN: Gisele Bundchen
Hot-foot-it along to the World Black Belts Centre and fight for a body like Gisele’s. They offer jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, hapkido, power yoga and kickboxing, all of which the Brazilian super has used to hone and tone her insane bod. Jiu-jitsu, translated as gentle art, is a method of close combat which prepares you to defeat an enemy without the use of weapons. We’re exhausted just thinking about it but after seeing Gisele on the beach looking fab, even with a baby bump, we’re definitely going to give the power workout a go.
HOW MUCH? Dhs80 per session.
INFO: World Black Belts Centre, Dubai, 04 343 4397.