WOOHOO! Public buses in Abu Dhabi will have free on-board Wi-Fi

WOOHOO! Public buses in Abu Dhabi will have free on-board Wi-Fi

09 Sep 2019

This is to encourage more people to use public transport

Wi-Fi has become an essential part in many of our lives, whether it’s for work, keeping in touch or for entertainment.

Luckily, Abu Dhabi public buses are now equipped with free Wi-Fi which can be used by all passengers.

A whopping 520 buses will be offering the service, but initially the service will be on only 10 buses. The service will be provided by du telecoms and buses equipped with the service will bear a large Wi-Fi sticker.

To get free access passengers would need to enter their mobile number and email address, then they will receive a one-time password which is used for security reasons. The free Wi-Fi session is available for 60 minutes and, if the passengers wishes to use it for longer, they would need to do the process again.

The Wi-Fi access will also be available at all major bus stations and air-conditioned bus shelters.

By the end of March 2020, all buses, shelters and stations will be equipped with the free Wi-Fi service.

So far the service is offered on 10 buses across three different routes:

  • Route 43: Corniche Hospital to Al Mushrif Mall via Corniche Street, Electra Street, Qasr Al Hosn, Airport Road, Al Falah Street, Al Karama, Airport Road, and Mushrif
  • Route 41: Corniche Hospital to Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center via Hamdan Street, Airport Road, the Pepsi Factory, and the Zayed Military Hospital
  • Route A1: Abu Dhabi Airport City Terminal to Abu Dhabi International Airport