Why Your Phone Says 'Labour Day' This Morning dubai uae

Wondering Why Your Phone Says 'Labour Day' This Morning?

01 May 2018

This is why...

Have you been pondering why your phone says "Labour Day" today, instead of the usual Etisalat or Du?

The answer is simple, it's to remind you that today is the international celebration, which takes place on 1 May every year. 

Expect to hear a lot about it this week, because the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is organising a host of events celebrations to honour the UAE's hard working labourers.

According to Time Out Dubai, "Educational, entertainment and sports activities will be offered to workers, while gifts will be distributed to 1,000 newcomers at Dubai International Airport." Plus, "Over in Abu Dhabi labourers will receive 8,000 prizes at their accommodation on Yas Island, as well as 1,000 du recharge cards and 2,000 free meals." 

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