Wonder Maze now open at Al Ain Zoo

Wonder Maze now open at Al Ain Zoo

05 Nov 2019

It's the largest mobile maze in the world

The exciting new Wonder maze invites you to come and discover its secrets. It stretches over 30000 sq. ft. and includes nearly 3000 meter of paths. Now located at Al Ain zoo, the zoo is famous for its conservation with 197 species, plus feeding shows in naturalistic habitats.

It is the largest mobile maze in the world and is designed and developed in modules – so the system of the paths is changed regularly! It's known for confusing and intriguing visitors with its many twists, turns and dead ends. 

Mubarak Al Mansouri, manager - commercial operation, said: "The zoo introduces this experience as part of its determination to provide a full range of amazing experiences for visitors, with a focus on educational elements upon which the maze primarily depends with riddles and puzzles.

These are mostly centred on nature conservation and protection of endangered animals, to support the zoo's mission and role to raise awareness among the general public about this aspect of its activities."

Al Mansouri added, "The fact that the maze is mobile and adjustable helps us change modules easily to confuse and excite players with its many twists, turns and dead ends that deliver great fun for children and adults alike. 

It also covers a very large area that makes its movement on our vast green areas more interesting and flexible. This attraction comes with further options to wander among the amazing wildlife of the Al Ain Zoo every day between 9am and 7pm."

Mazes and labyrinths have points of interest over different attractions: You choose and stroll at your own pace; and you don't need to line up to have a great time. It's incredible fun, for both kids and grown-ups. Stroll through the maze as you search out a few mystery stations that lead you closer to the focal point of this overwhelming Maze.

The wonder maze appeals to every age group, from small children to grandparents – in fact anyone with an inquisitive mind who wants to discover what's around the next corner. The Marvel Labyrinth is the Biggest Versatile Labyrinth on the planet.

INFO: Dhs35 for single entry pass, Dhs70 for full day pass, Dhs10 for each maze game, Dhs10 for success certificate, Dhs20 for 3D Maze Puzzle (Children below 100 CM enter for free).

Entry Passes available directly at the venue: Al Ain Zoo