Woman STABBED to death on Dubai bus!

The shocking incident took place in JBR last week
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 13 September 2015
Woman STABBED to death on Dubai bus!
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A woman was stabbed to death during an argument on a Dubai bus in front of other passengers.

The shocking incident happened a few days ago during the afternoon while the bus was travelling through JBR. According to Emirates24/7, two women had a heated argument on the bus. The driver initially warned them to stop fighting or he’d call the police, and it seemed like they calmed down. But in a shocking turn of events the one woman pulled out a knife and stabbed the other woman. She died on the bus moments later.

The driver immediately alerted police and locked the bus until they arrived. Understandably none of the passengers were allowed to leave, and witnesses will be appearing in court.

RTA has confirmed the death of a female passenger from an African country, and CCTV footage is currently being investigated. 

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