Woman jailed for shocking assault on Dubai maid

The victim now suffers from permanent disability
ByHend FadelWednesday , 28 October 2015
Woman jailed for shocking assault on Dubai maid
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A Dubai maid has been assaulted with an iron rod

Dubai court sentenced an Emirati housewife to two years in jail after assaulting her maid continuously with an iron rod, causing 60 percent of permanent disability to her hands, legs, and back.

The Indian maid told Dubai Criminal Court that the assaults started during Ramadan earlier this year and continued until she was severely injured. The abused maid eventually fainted and fell from the flat's first floor balcony in July. The housewife reported the incident and the victim was rushed to the hospital. That's where they discovered that she had been brutally assaulted.

The victim told police: "I worked for her for nearly eight months and she never paid my salary, I always had bruises, injuries and was in pain. I had a heart surgery and an operation in my fractured arm during the time, when I was hospitalised for 75 days." She also recalled being locked outside the balcony where she was left injured and unfed for two days, not being able to contact anyone since her phone was taken away, according to The National. 

The officer said: "She confessed starting the beating because the victim stopped doing work around the house and demanded to return to her country."

A forensic report found that the maid now suffers from stiffness in both hands, a partial restriction in the movement of her right shoulder and full restriction in the movement of both wrists. 

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