Woman in court for sending abusive, ‘swearing’ texts in Dubai

Woman in court for sending abusive, ‘swearing’ texts in Dubai

05 Nov 2019

A lesson for us all

Are you a regular social media user/texter with no care in the word for what you type away on your smartphone? Well, be careful, because cyber laws in the UAE have strict punishments for abusive messages and hate crimes, as one user recently found out. 
A female Fujairah resident went to court for sending abusive SMS messages to another woman.  
According to the complainant, the accused repeatedly sent her messages in which she swore, deliberately insulting the woman.
She was reported to Fujairah Police, and later summoned to court, where she was referred to public prosecution.
Although she admitted to the crime, she claims to have “not admitted to sending insulting messages”. Huh?!

The case has been adjourned, as the defendant pleaded for more time to copy the case file. She did not have a lawyer who could represent her in the case.

Watch what you type in anger, folks!