Guys, Longbeach Glamping is BACK but it's ALREADY booked out for the next two weeks

Guys, Longbeach Glamping is BACK but it's ALREADY booked out for the next two weeks

06 Oct 2019

Cold air, dark night, warm fire and bright stars.. perfect getaway!

If you haven't heard of Longbeach Campground, then you are missing out.

Longbeach Campground is based in Ras Al Khaimah and it has all the stupendous activities to keep you and family entertained. 

The glamping experience is so cool, that it's already fully booked for the next two weeks AHHHHH. 

Start your day with yoga on the beach, seaview aerobics, kiteflying and kayaking and get your feet sandy and play beach volleyball amongst other fun activities. 

And don't forget to experience the floating theatre and head to the petting zoo to meet their farm animals and get a chance to feed them.

Well, thats not all.. if you want some quiet and relaxing time for yourself, enjoy their outdoor spa and sauna. 

anddddd.. the list goes on. 

It doesn't take long to figure out when hearing the term"camp," implies that it is very common to automatically think of a tent and maybe even a firepit where you can have countless smores at a bonfire (omg yum!).


So here are the details.. Long Beach Campground is located at Bin Majid Beach Hotel and they provide you with EVERYTHING you need for camping.

It's a beautiful beachfront location and features a variety of fantastic tents such as family tents, safari suite tents, deluxe bell tents and panoramic dome suite tents which are contemporary versions that give you the impression of an ancient traditional tent (wait till you see it, it's pretty cool).

It is fully booked until mid-October, but you can book for later dates via the website