Winona Ryder's Very Strict Wardrobe Rules

The 'Stranger Things' actress lives by these simple rules
ByFarah AndrewsFriday , 13 April 2018
Winona Ryder's Very Strict Wardrobe Rules
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Winona Ryder always keeps her wardrobe stocked with just five essential pieces of clothing. 

The Stranger Things star is renowned for her cool and grungy sense of style, which was a massive hit during the 1990s. But though some may see her as a fashion icon, Winona can get by with a minimal wardrobe.  

"Everyone's different, but socks and underwear, a comfortable pair of jeans, a favourite t-shirt, and a soft sweater. But that's just me," she insisted in an interview with Harper's Bazaar U.K. "I don't think I'm qualified to tell others what theirs are."  

The 46-year-old recently joined forces with Godzilla actress Elizabeth Olsen to front the latest campaign for H&M. While Winona is pleased to see the '90s making a comeback in the fashion world, she refuses to accept any responsibility for the trend.  

"It's not my '90s style that's been revived!" she argued. "I certainly don't feel any ownership over it - that's just way too much responsibility. I guess it's just sort of inevitable in terms of fashion. Everything always comes back into style about 20-25 years later, right?"  

However, the Heathers star acknowledged that there were "a lot of bad looks" during the era and notices that the fashion-savvy are "cherry-picking the better trends." She also admitted that she tries to keep hold of as any many dated clothes as she can, even if they're no longer wearable.  

"I just had to retire an old Clash T-shirt from the first time I saw them in 1980 because it was so incredibly thin and just disintegrating," Winona lamented. "But I ended up framing it. I inherited my father's 'archivist' gene, so it's really hard for me to let go of things."

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