Wings for Life World Run Returns

Dubai is the only Middle Eastern city to host the global charity run
ByMashal AbbasiThursday , 21 April 2016
Wings for Life World Run Returns
Run for a good cause.
The Wings for Life World Run, the ground-breaking global charity run, is set to return to Dubai for the second year in a row, when runners across the globe set out to run for those who can’t, on 34 tracks across 6 continents, night or day, rain or shine. 
In a race with no finish line, runners will once again brave temperatures as high as 45°C trying to keep ahead of the catcher car that gives the runners a head start then chases the field at a predetermined pace. 100% of all entry fees and donations contributed by the Wings for Life World Run participants, goes to spinal cord research projects to help find a cure for spinal cord injuries.
The 2015 inaugural run in Dubai saw more than 700 runners from the UAE and the region. The Men’s division title was claimed by Omani runner Sami Al Saidi, covering a total distance of 45 kms and placing 336 globally. The women’s division title was won by Katie Sloane, running a total of 30.08 kms and placing 284 globally.
The 2015 event saw 101,280 participants in 33 countries raising 4.2 million euros for Wings for Life’s single goal. As it will be again in 2016, the entire event was followed by viewers across the globe, thanks to an enthralling live-stream experience, which shares the effort, elation and emotion of the runners.
The UAE leg of the run is organized in partnership with Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the region, XDubai, Dubai-based ambassador for action sports, and Dubai Sports Channel, the 24/7 sports channel.
INFO: 3pm, Sun May 8, Dhs195 per person, Starting point Dubai Autodrome, Dubai Sports City, for more information and to register, visit 

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