Win a Trip to Canada When You Eat at Prime at InterContinental The City in Doha!

Win a Trip to Canada When You Eat at Prime at InterContinental The City in Doha!

05 Feb 2015

Prime at InterContinental The City is celebrating National Flag Day

Don't miss this rare chance to sample some authentic Canadian cuisine! Not only will you get to try out delicious Ontario Venison Pot Pie, but you also have the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Canada. In honour of National Flag of Canada Day on Sun 15 February, InterContinental Doha The City has teamed up with Etihad Airways to send two lucky winners to Canada on round-trip, business class tickets .

And all you have to do to win this amazing prize is dine at the InterCon's award-winning steakhouse Prime, between Sun 8th and Sat 28th February where a special Canadian menu will be on offer.

Ahlan! Qatar caught up with guest chef Andrew Frastacky from InterContinental Toronto Yorkville to find out more about the yummy Canadian cuisine he is going to be cooking up.

So what is traditional Canadian fare?

It varies from province to province, but has English, Scottish, French and Native Indian roots. Many people often think Canada is known for its wild game with dishes featuring venison, caribou and even seal meat. We also have wonderful Canadian beef, fantastic seafood and, of course, maple syrup.

What is the National Flag of Canada Day?

On February 15, 1965, our national flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. Canada was just two years away from centennial celebrations when the maple leaf flag was made official by Royal Proclamation. In 1996, February 15 was declared National Flag of Canada Day and has been observed every year since. February 15, 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada so it’s very special. There will be celebrations all throughout Canada and a lot of people showing their pride on social media.

What can we look forward to at Prime?

In a few words “A trip across Canada”. The focus, of course, as Prime is a steakhouse will be on the Canadian beef. This is the first time Canadian beef will be served in Qatar. Canada has a very unique grading system for their beef which results in a more consistent product, and the regulatory and safety standards are among the best in the world. You’ll notice the exceptional taste and tenderness of Canadian beef because of the specific feeding process of finishing on barley grain as well as silage and the aging process. There’s also a lot of attention on the animal’s genetics and health and diet.

What's your favourite dish you're making us?

For the starters, we have a Nova Scotia Lobster and Apple Salad that is going to be very tasty. The main course that’s close to my heart is the Ontario Venison Pot Pie. And for the dessert my favourite would be the British Columbia Nanaimo Bar mad from marshmallow meringue, salted caramel ice cream, hazelnut praline and cranberry gel.

And finally, we've always wanted to know; why is Canadian maple syrup the best?

Well, the trees and the cold are the two major factors. When it gets cold the roots store starches which then gets converted into sugars and rise up the tree. 

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