William Nettles

Dorra Bay Tower, Dubai Marina
Sunday , 23 September 2012

William Nettles, Vice President and General Manager of VeriFone, and his precious collection of art books, moved from sunny California to even sunnier Dubai a year ago.
Marie Laurent from Project A Architecture masterminded William’s décor. “I wanted a very simple, clean and open theme which we achieved with minimal furniture, a nice white colour throughout and a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor living. The outdoor terrace has a polished white concrete floor that accentuates the interior décor,” he explains.
The terrace is William’s favourite area in the apartment, so it is no wonder that his number one piece of furniture is the built-in bench that runs along its back wall. “It’s big and comfortable to sit on and facilitates an amazing view of the Marina and the ocean,” he says.
And his favourite art: a modern jazz scene by Francks Décéus (a Haitian-born artist living in New York). “The colours are amazing and he uses subtle texture on the piece.”