William And Kate’s Baby Break

They’re keeping a low profile...
Tuesday , 02 August 2011
William And Kate’s Baby Break
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Now that the majority of their public duties are out of the way for this year, I can report, Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking time out to focus on the next heir to the throne.

According to my sources, following the strain that was put on Princess Diana when she first joined the family fold, Kate’s duties have been dramatically scaled down so that she can play the dutiful housewife in Anglesey, Wales.

My source tells me, “Kate and William have had their royal calender slashed so that William can work with his regiment in the RAF and so that Kate can keep away from the prying eyes of the public.”

“Senior members of the royal family thought it would be best for them to enjoy each other privately rather than going on gruelling press tours which leaves little time to enjoy married life.”

And, sources continue, playing the perfect housewife is not the only reason Kate wants time out.

My source adds, “They want to start a family as soon as possible.”

“It’s better to be out of the stresses of royal life so William and the Palace are ensuring she has as much a normal life as possible.”