Will I am and Cheryl Cole

Will.I.Am’s Chezza Obsession

18 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

The star risks his credibility with his OTT infatuation.

Why? Just when we thought Will.I.Am couldn’t be more deluded about bestie Cheryl Cole – he’s already declared he “loves” her, has dubbed her the “most beautiful woman in the world” and has put a spell on Black Eyed Peas bandmate Fergie making her as equally as sycophantic – the music mogul has committed credibility suicide by insisting a Jackson-Cole duet would’ve been “great”. By putting Cheryl Cole in the same sentence as Michael Jackson, Will not only tainted the late legend’s achievements but ruined his own reputation. He gushed, “I told Michael Cheryl was the complete package. He would’ve worked with her – it would’ve been special. They’re perfectionists.” Yeah but with Jackson his perfection meant he could actually sing…