Will the UAE weather get better?

The rain doesn't seem to be going away
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 18 December 2017
Will the UAE weather get better?

The UAE's northern Emirates woke up to heavy showers this morning, reports the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). Dibba, Fujairah and Al Mirfa all experienced rainfall during the early hours.

Dubai and Sharjah are expected to remain dry today, but a number of eastern and coastal areas will continue with rain of different intensities, which will gradually decline by this afternoon.

The NCM expects the weather to stabilise by Tuesday, with partly cloudy weather in the morning along islands and coastal areas, which will be accompanied by light rainfall and a slight drop in temperature.

Minimum temperatures are expected to fall as low as 8 degrees Celcius in the mountain regions and 13 degrees in coastal areas. Highs could reach 26 degrees in coastal areas and 12 degrees in the mountainous parts of the country, reports Gulf News.

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