Will the Indian monsoon raise temperatures in the UAE EVEN MORE?

Here are all the weather details you need to know
ByAhlan! Live ReporterWednesday , 05 August 2015
Will the Indian monsoon raise temperatures in the UAE EVEN MORE?

The temperatures in the Middle East this summer have been on a record high, with parts of Iraq reportedly touching highs of 70 degree Celsius! There have also been reports of rainfall in the outskirts Fujairah due to the extension of the Indian monsoon. But according to reports, the UAE will have no direct effect of these unstable weather conditions.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) added that due to the topography of the UAE the impact is not as severe.

“The ‘Indian Monsoon low pressure', which extends from India is responsible for the characteristic peak in temperature recorded in Iraq and Iran. The UAE, however, does not face any direct impact due to its position,” a representative from NCMS told Emirates 24/7.

This year the NCMS has recorded highs between 43 to 48 degrees Celsius. They added that the worst is over as the low-pressure belt has 'moved towards the Northern region'.

The NCMS was quoted saying, "It also rained in Dubai but not in the city, only in the desert areas on the way to Fujairah.”

There were also reports that the south-eastern parts of the UAE might receive some thundering rain sometime this week due to connective clouds formation, although the inlands of Dubai and Abu Dhabi will remain dry.

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