Will Smith is a Legend!

What are the critics saying about this new disaster flick?
Sunday , 06 January 2008

Our fave Prince turned Hollywood actor, Will Smith, stars as one of the last surviving people on Planet Earth, in new flick I AM LEGEND. But what are the critics saying?


"Particularly impressive if you've been to NYC. Despite the fact the book was written in the 1960s movie-goers will compare closely with '28 Days Later' which is a shame. Very easy to write the script I would imagine.... and how did he have electricity and running water? Very irritating. Will Smith's body is phenomenal. I just hope he's not a Scientologist like I suspect. "
Helen Spearman, Dubai

"Scary...until we saw the monsters...far too much cgi for my liking! brill cinematography though!"
Paul Ewart, Dubai

"Absolutley impressed with the digital animation effects, suspense makes it scary, Will Smith is still hot, and now I want a German Shepherd!" - Autumn Mooney, Dubai


"Smith delivers an incredibly moving performance. He leaves you wanting more."
"'I Am Legend' is a technical and visual achievement."
Gerrad Hall / Reelz Channel

"Incredibly taut with both emotion and intensity."
"A total rollercoaster ride."
"100 minutes of pedal to the metal."
Matt West / CNN

"Emotionally raw and compelling."
Tim Wassberg / Inside Reel

"'I Am Legend' is one of the greatest movies ever made."
"An unbelievable film."
"If you don't see this movie, you're a loser."
Ben Lyons / E!

"'I Am Legend' is a stunning movie experience...fiercely fascinating from beginning to end."
"Will Smith delivers a dynamic tour de force characterization that keeps the human connection alive and should put him right in the middle of the Best Actor Oscar race."
David Sheehan / Hollywood Close-Ups

"Will Smith returns to the big screen with a vengeance in ‘I Am Legend.'"
"If you loved ‘I, Robot,' ‘Independence Day,' and ‘Men in Black'...this one will blow you right out of the theater!"
"‘I AM LEGEND' is a nail-biting, science fiction thriller."
"Will Smith is at the top of his game, delivering one of the most fiercely intense performances of his career!"
"Another powerhouse performance from superstar Will Smith."
"‘I Am Legend' is a pure adrenalin rush...a science fiction thriller that will blow you away with its in-your-face intensity!"
Clay Smith / The Insider

"'I Am Legend' is a big screen adrenaline rush that'll keep you on the edge of your seat."
"'I Am Legend' is unlike any film you've experienced. It's absolutely fantastic."
"'I Am Legend' is just the type of cinematic masterpiece that the Academy Awards were created for...filmmaking at its absolute best."
"Will Smith is magnificent in the compelling, thrilling and captivating 'I Am Legend.'"
"From beginning to end, 'I Am Legend' is a stunning and electrifying science fiction thriller."
"A stunning science fiction masterpiece, 'I Am Legend' is a sensational, exhilarating motion picture epic in a league all its own."
Earl Dittman / Wireless Magazines

"Based on the acclaimed novel by Richard Matheson, ‘I AM LEGEND' is exhilarating, riveting, touching, profound, and brilliantly directed and edited. Will Smith delivers a powerful, extremely emotional performance."
"Thrilling, uplifting, riveting, touching, and satisfying."
"Sensational and stunning."
"Will Smith gives a powerful, at times absolutely heartbreaking, and ultimately redemptive performance. He deserves to be one of the five Oscar nominees for Best Actor."
"'I AM LEGEND' is one of the most scary, most intense movies of recent years, but it is also one of the best, most striking, most riveting, most touching, most satisfying, most eloquent, most thrilling, most profound, and most spiritually uplifting movies in recent memory."

"It's the visual effects in director Francis Lawrence's film that truly dazzle. CGI-enhanced images of Times Square, Washington Square Park and Tribeca, eerily silent and still and covered in weeds, provide a haunting set-up."
"With the help of stark cinematography from Andrew Lesnie, he sucks you into this comatose version of the city that never sleeps. It's totally disconcerting, but, at the same time, engrossing - watching Neville roam about with his dog, Sam, and a hunting rifle, past Grand Central Terminal and billboards for ‘Wicked' and ‘Rent,' you have absolutely no idea what's going to happen next."
Christy Lemire / The Associated Press

"Will Smith gives a momentous performance"
"The images rendered by director Francis Lawrence, cinematographer Andrew Lesnie, and visual effects supervisor Janek Sirrs have an awesome, iconic power. "
"Smith is dazzling"
"What's most appealing about [Will Smith] is his active intelligence-how he thinks his way through a role-and his capacity for human weakness."
"This performance fully affirms Smith as one of the great leading men of his generation."
"[Francis] Lawrence's direction is more subdued and artful than you expect to find in a high-ticket holiday blockbuster."
"Lawrence-like Peter Jacksonand James Cameron-is among the few filmmakers with full access to the digital paintbox who seems to understand how those tools work best: to magnify the human dimension of a movie instead of extinguish it."
Scott Foundas / LA Weekly

"There are not many performers who can make themselves interesting in isolation, without human supporting players. But it is the charismatic force of Will Smith's personality that makes his character's radical solitude scary and fascinating, as well as strangely appealing."
"There is something graceful and effortless about Will Smith's performance."
A.O. Scott / The New York Times

Heard enough? I AM LEGEND opens at various cinemas on Thursday, January 10th, across the UAE