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Will Smith Is Back In Dubai

14 Oct 2018

And he announced it in a pretty hilarious way

Will Smith is no stranger to the UAE, in fact he comes here about once a year. And it seems he is back in town. 

The Bright actor announced that he was in Dubai with an Instagram post... sitting on a toilet in the Burj Khalifa, no less. 


It seems that just yesterday, Will was in India, hanging out in Mumbai, joking, "I think I’m about to Launch a Tuk Tuk Company in LA! Mumbai has short trip transportation figured OUT!"

We don't know how long he's planning on being in town for BUT his pal, DJ Jazzy Jeff is performing at Barasti on Halloween, and Will has been known to show up and surprise fans at DJ Jazzy Jeff's Dubai concerts, so maybe he'll stick around for that... 

Will LOVES Dubai

The 50-year-old has spoken at length about how much he loves Dubai in the past. 

"My two favourite cities in the world are Miami and Dubai," he said back in 2016. Adding, "Maybe I’ll have to make a Welcome to Dubai song one day."

He has been seen on desert safaris, flyboarding, hanging out at Barasti and even skydiving in the UAE in the past. 

"Dubai dreams the way I dream. When I first landed here 15 years ago, I thought to myself, 'That’s how I would build a city if I was building a city!'"

Of skydiving at Skydive Dubai, Will said in a video with Goalcast, "In one second, you realize it's the most blissful experience of your life... You're flying, there's zero fear. You realize at the point of maximum danger is minimum fear. Why were you scared in your bed the night before? What do you need that fear for?

"Everything up to the stepping out, there's actually no reason to be scared. It only just ruins your day. The best things in life are on the other side of terror. On the other side of your maximum fear are all of the best things in life."