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Will Katy Perry and John Mayer get married?

01 Oct 2015

She's giving him six months to pop the question...

It’s fast becoming the most rollercoaster romance in showbiz with Katy Perry and John Meyer reuniting for the third time this year after they stepped out at close friend Allison Williams’ wedding.

But far from walking into the sunset together, Katy has taken the singer back on a “last chance saloon” warning after dramatic showdown talks convinced her to give the relationship a final shot.

Perry’s Proper Peeved
A source close to the Firework singer revealed that Meyer finally won her back after penning a 12-page love letter saying that he was “lost without her”. Katy then summoned him to a meeting, just two days before their wedding appearance, and hit Meyer with a list of no-nonsense demands.

The source explained: “Katy was taking no nonsense. She basically said he had screwed up twice before and she wanted a proper commitment this time or she wasn’t interested. John basically said he would do anything she wanted to prove to her he was serious. So Katy said she would give him six months to show he’s for real by asking her to marry him.”

Katy’s Fed Up With John
“Now Jonathan is telling everyone in his circle he’ll pop the question by Christmas and they’re definitely going to try for a baby by next year. He’s sent out texts saying ‘prepare for a wedding’ so if Katy was looking for a commitment it looks like John is majorly stepping up to the plate!” The pair first sparked speculation that they’d decided to give it another go when they were photographed cuddling with each other while seated with guests during the ceremony of mutual friend Allison. Perry and Mayer’s last breakup occurred in mid-July, with sources saying Katy was fed-up with John always putting his career and friends before her. In recent weeks Meyer had bombarded Katy with texts saying he missed her and thought they had a future together – but it was only when he sent her the epic love letter that Katy finally agreed to meet him.

Mayer for Marriage
“He was saying how he can’t imagine ever marrying another woman and that he sees her as the future mum of his kids,” added the source. “He was pouring out his heart on every page. It was pretty dramatic stuff.” By the time the couple stepped out at the wedding Katy had agreed to give him ‘one last chance’. But she’s put a time limit on it. “She doesn’t want to be left hanging on like an idiot waiting for John to deliver on these promises,” added the source. “So if he doesn’t deliver on what he promised in the next few months she will be calling it quits – and this time it’s for good.” Katy says so far John is acting like a completely different man and he’s already made massive changes to his work schedule just so he can spend more time with her. “But she knows the test will be in how long he keeps it up for. If the engagement doesn’t happen then she will move on.”