Will and Alma Lawrie

Thursday , 20 September 2012

Will, co-owner of Lawrie Shabibi Art Gallery, Alma (a private equity advisor), and their two-year-old son Walter have called their Jumeirah house home for the past three years.
The couple had a distinct vision for their overall decor, “Just before moving in, we were in Cochin (Kerala, India) and we loved the combination of red tiles, white-washed walls, dark wood and bright fabrics. This house is an updated version of that.”
A favourite item of furniture is their “rustic chic” oversized mango wood coffee table. Unsurprisingly for a gallery owner, art also features prominently. Favourite paintings include works by Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch and Istanbul-based Selma Gürbüz.  Their sentimental stand-out piece is a 17th century Damascus pottery tile, the first art piece they bought. They also spent a few years on the waiting list for a Hayv Kahraman, and now proudly display a large, playing-card-themed painting by the Iraqi-born artist.