Why You Oughta Drink Water

24 Jun 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Summer’s here – Time to up your aqua intake...

As the summer descends and the temp gauges start creeping up, staying hydrated throughout the day should become a priority for desert dwellers.
With the body made up of two thirds water – with blood at 83 per cent water, muscles 75 per cent water and the brain 74 per cent water – topping up your bod’s vital ingredient not only promotes clearer thinking and prevents those thudding summer headaches, but also helps rid the liver of toxins and keep skin clear.

Despite the recommended daily water allowance for an adult being around two litres, it is estimated that a whopping 80 per cent of people don’t drink enough of the wet stuff, with the resulting dehydration causing fatigue and feelings of weakness, head rushes, dry skin and even chills. And in more extreme forms, a lack of water can result in increased heart rate, elevated body temperature and nausea.

Star Style runs you through the health benefits lurking in our local water...

Calcium 5mg
Sodium 16mg
Magnesium 13mg

Calcium 3.4mg
Sodium 10mg
Magnesium 19mg

Calcium 1.2mg
Sodium 3.3mg
Magnesium 20.7mg

Calcium 80mg
Sodium 6.5mg
Magnesium 26mg

Calcium 180mg
Sodium 1.2mg
Magnesium 41mg
Oxygen 75mg

Magnesiumplays a vital role in helping the body to absorb calcium and helps stabilise the rhythm of the heart as well as keeping muscles relaxed.

Great for anyone on a low-sodium diet. Reducing sodiumintake is recommended for anyone with high-blood pressure or diabetes.

The World Health Organisation states that “mineral waters may be useful in providing essential micro-nutrients, such as calcium” – which not only keeps bones strong, but has also been linked to helping maintain a stable weight.

Those who take hits of pure oxygenon a regular basis swear by its ability to combat the signs of ageing, help firm the skin and increase energy levels. While some insist it even takes the edge off a hangover!

Time to top up
How To Drink More Water Without Even Realising
1 Keep a large bottle of water on your desk and vow that it’ll be empty by the end of each day.
2 If you find the taste too bland, sip herbal or fruit teas or add fruit squash.
3 Watermelon, cranberries, lettuce and tomatoes all have very high percentage of water – so add to your breakfast or lunch.
4 Set up a reminder to drink more water at www.wateraid.org, which will alert you on your computer six times a day, to rehydrate.

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