Why you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy art like Posh

Victoria Beckham spends MILLIONS on Murakami, but you can spend less than AED7,000 for the SAME thing
ByTeam Ahlan!Saturday , 09 November 2019
Why you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy art like Posh
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It’s a well known fact that Mrs B has exquisite taste, and ever since we saw her frolicking with spotted pumpkins at a Yayoi Kusama exhibition in 2016 we knew we wanted in on her obsession with all things patterned, colourful, and collectable. The former Spice Girl and her husband have taken a particular shine to Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, so much so that they personally make trips to his studio in Tokyo to purchase works direct.

“Murakami is one of the biggest contemporary artists in the world, and his original pieces go for millions and millions. He has built up a huge celebrity following and we’ve seen the rich and famous from the Kardashians to the Hiltons, as well as the Beckhams, flock to get their hands on his original masterpieces.” Said an art industry source based in Tokyo,

“Victoria in particular loves his Flower Balls collection, which are VERY highly sought after. There is a LOT of competition for them”. We’re therefore not surprised that Posh has struck a friendship with the artist – inviting him to her most exclusive events and shows. And who could blame her on her pursuit for flower balls?! “I’m his biggest fan” she admits.

So how can us regular folk join Posh, Kim, Paris and co. and spice up our lives with all this Japanese art collecting fun?

Well, apparently the secret is in limited edition prints – perfect copies that are produced and hand signed by the artist. We spoke to specialists Kumi Contemporary.

“Limited edition prints were pioneered by Andy Warhol – produced by the artist themselves. These are just as collectable, and are a fraction of the price. You’re looking at around AED6,650 for one limited edition Murakami print.” Not bad, considering his original works have been sold at auction for in excess of Dhs55.8 million.

While you don’t need a Beckham bank balance YET to obtain one for your home, Kumi suggests investing sooner rather than later. “Limited edition works; especially the most iconic pieces will become harder to find and more sought after. This is why we are beginning to see record-breaking sales for not only original works but also limited edition prints.” Yikes.

We’re interior decorating ASAP, at least before Posh finds out / Harper needs a new bedroom.  

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