Why was Zayn Malik HOLDING HANDS with a blonde fan in Thailand?!

Will this be the end of Zayn and Perrie's engagement?
ByAriel Robinson Thursday , 19 March 2015
Why was Zayn Malik HOLDING HANDS with a blonde fan in Thailand?!
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Zayn has been a naughty boy...

Looks like heartthrob Zayn Malik might be in trouble with fiancé, Perrie Edwards, once again. The One Direction star was pictured with his arm around another girl whilst in a nightclub in Phuket, Thailand. The snap is up on the fan, Lauren Rich’s, Instagram with the caption: “Partying with Zayn from One Direction last night.” But it gets worse. Later that night the two were snapped holding hands! We’re pretty sure he doesn’t give special treatment like that to all of his fans.

Moments after the news broke out, the star tweeted “I’m 22 years old…I love a girl named Perrie Edwards…I’m sorry for what it looks like.” Perrie is yet to comment on the news, but fans have been more than vocal about the incident, with one fan commenting: “If you’re cheating on Perrie, I will be so disappointed in you @zaynmalik.” And so will we!

Before the recent scandal, the couple’s relationship already seemed to be shaky. Perrie has been pictured without her engagement ring on and the two haven’t been seen together in over two months. This is definitely not the first time that Zayn has messed up. Before the engagement, Zayn had apparently cheated on her with a waitress from Australia who also worked at a London club as a private dancer. However Perrie forgave him by accepting his proposal in August, last year.

Whatever is going on, we really hope they sort it out soon – we want to see a 1D wedding!

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