Why was Sarah Jessica Parker a no-show in the UAE?

She was scheduled to appear at the Global Gift Gala charity event, but was noticeably MIA
ByAndre NevelingThursday , 14 December 2017
Why was Sarah Jessica Parker a no-show in the UAE?

Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to the UAE, even filming the second SATC movie in Abu Dhabi. So when we heard our beloved Carrie Bradshaw was heading back to our shores, we were thrilled. Sadly, however, things did not go according to plan this time.

SJP was billed to appear at the prestigious Global Gift Gala last weekend, where she was meant to be honoured for her philanthropic work. Her appearance, promoted as the headliner of the annual event, was almost a year in the making, and plenty of money had already been spent on business- class flights and five-star accommodation. 

But then, just one week before the visit, SJP’s manager contacted organisers to say she wouldn’t be making the trip. No official reason was given. The Global Gift Foundation had to scramble at the last minute to find a celebrity to replace her, with British star Alesha Dixon kindly agreeing to step in. She was joined by the likes of actor Adrien Brody and actress Vanessa Williams.

Due to Sarah’s limited availability for the Global Gift Gala, Eva Longoria – the acting ambassador of the Global Gift Foundation – was unable to attend the Dubai gala dinner for the very first time, as she was already hosting a similar event in Miami the same night. Insiders claim that, had Sarah cancelled further in advance, rather than with a week’s notice, dates could have been changed to allow Eva to attend instead.

When Ahlan! contacted SJP’s publicity team for comment, they failed to respond to us before going to print. The Global Gift Foundation, despite the financial losses as a result of SJP’s no-show, stated: “Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, the actress and philanthropist Sarah Jessica Parker was unable to attend the Global Gift Gala in Dubai this week. The Global Gift Foundation are looking forward to working with Ms Parker in 2018 and are already working on locking down dates for her to receive her philanthropic award and attend the event.”

Ball’s in your court now, then, SJP... 

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