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Why The UAE's Humidity Could Be Your New Beauty BFF

09 Apr 2018

So, summer in the sun may not be too bad then

If you live in the UAE, you’ve been there. You finish a matte makeup look, step out of the door and it melts off in moments. Well, according to beauty insiders, that is exactly what top makeup artists are channelling this summer. Not necessarily the totally melted look, but certainly the dewy glow that the humidity helps with!

This summer, forget matte finishes when it comes to foundation, this season it's all about embracing a dewy look. Getting the glow is easier than you might think, and we spoke to makeup artists, and quizzed them about achieving the look at home.

Stacey Whittaker, Award Winning Make-up Artist and Skincare Expert, highlighted the importance of starting with skin in good condition that is well cleansed and moisturised.

When it comes to the make-up items Stacey would use to recreate the look, she cites a light coverage foundation as a top pick - with Bourjois' City Radiance our favourite. If you are confident enough, then you could even go without foundation completely or try a tinted moisturiser.

"If your skin is particularly dehydrated you can use a quick moisture mask for a boost before applying your make-up," International Make-up Artist and Founder of WOW Beauty, Denise Rabor, added. "To give skin that gorgeous healthy glow, it's a good idea to check out a tinted moisturiser too."

Clarins' Super Restorative Tinted Cream is among our best buys, and it also contains SPF20 - what's not to love?!

When it comes to applying your base - whether you choose moisturiser or foundation - Denise advises applying with the fingers for a more natural finish.

"These products can be applied with the fingers (which is often preferred) or with a brush," she revealled. "It's sometimes helpful to warm your hands first to help the product to sink into the skin. Finish with a sweep of bronzer all over your skin and a highlighter to finish the look and give you that radiant glow."