Why Rihanna Hates Veg

So how does she keep her body super-hot? We know how...
Thursday , 20 December 2012
Why Rihanna Hates Veg

She’s got one of the world’s hottest bodies, yet RiRi has admitted she doesn’t like vegetables. So how does she do it? Rihanna spends a lot of time exercising and you’ll often find her in the gym on a treadmill or out running with her personal trainer. Before a tour, Rihanna trains three times a week, and insists that cardio is the key to getting a fab toned body! When it comes to diet, Rihanna hates greens so tries to go for other healthy options such as boiled eggs, nuts, fruit and plenty of protein from meat. She loves to indulge in treats too, but only when she hasn’t got a big show coming up!

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