Why the Queen disliked Diana

Mirren understands why the two women didn't get along
Monday , 17 March 2008
Why the Queen disliked Diana

Playing THE QUEEN gave Oscar-winner HELEN MIRREN a greater sense of why England's reigning monarch disliked her late daughter-in-law DIANA.

The hit film revolved around the Queen's response to the news of Diana's death in 1997 - and Mirren admits that playing Elizabeth II gave her a real understanding of why the two women didn't get along.

In a new interview with America's More magazine, Mirren explains, "(Women of that generation) had a real sense of discipline and a willingness to sacrifice to create a better world.

"That was my delight and my pleasure in playing the queen. Elizabeth was the iconic figure for that generation and embraced those values - duty, selflessness-very deeply.

"That's why she could never understand Diana."